In today’s world, people have understood and realized very well that skills are very important if you want to excel and be successful in life.

The more skilful you get, the more opportunities come your way.

Hence, I bring to you some best books for college students to read which every college going student should definitely read to acquire more and more skills in today’s era.

It is very necessary to learn and acquire as many skills as possible to become a man you aspire to be.

Learning such skills when you are still in college is very much advantageous because you can apply those skills while still in college to invite opportunities your way.

The reason for writing this post is to make you aware of something early in your life which I learned very late in my life.

I learned very late about the power of reading and skill learning from great books.

After reading 60+ books, I have learned and understood very well that books are one of the best resources to acquire and learn skills from a person who has mastered the skill in his lifetime.

Books have created a profound impact on my life and help me develop more skills.

I have very well explained in my post the benefits of reading books about various benefits books presents us with.

If you want to know then keep on reading…

best books for college students to read

List of best books for college students

 Rich Dad Poor Dad

Majority of the people today suck at their finances when they are into their careers, right after college.

Do you know the reason, why people suck at their finances and also at managing money?

Because finances, financial knowledge and money management skills are not taught in school and college. I mean nobody talks about that or teaches you skills which are actually needed to survive.

Just look at the irony, things which are so important nobody is ready to talk about that, this the prime reason why people suck in this when they grow up.

We grow up learning professional and scholastic knowledge and skills but we are definitely not taught financial knowledge.

What we are told to do as we grow up, get good grades, study at a great university and get a good job.

But why? nobody questions that. Why get a job and live paycheck to paycheck when you can do more worthwhile than that.

Managing money and understanding to control the power of money is a skill which the book Rich Dad Poor Dad will teach you.

This is one thing every college-going student should get aware, that it is not necessary to live from paycheck and paycheck and this book will reveal all the myth and beliefs regarding money you have in your mind since childhood.

The book is very simply written and it should be a must include in a list of best books for college students, I personally believe this book should be present as a syllabus book because everyone needs money.

Yeah, I know money is not everything but is required to run the vehicle of life. That is why this is a must recommended book for all college-going students

The book will teach you

  • How emotions (fear and greed) make you make poor financial decisions
  • Understand what actually money is, and how to get logical thinking and get rid of these emotions
  • The mindset of rich, poor and the middle class
  • Asset management and asset allocation skills
  • What are asset, liabilities, balance sheet and various financial terminologies
  •  How you can save a lot of taxes

Many people today work just for the sake of earning money and making a living.

To read the books, you can definitely use audible which gives you a 30-day free trial and after that charges you



The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco

Setting up a business which adds value to the lives of millions of people is the ultimate skill which you should definitely learn while you are in college.

Growing that business and learning the art to scale it is a definite skill to master when you are still in college.

MJ Demarco in his great masterpiece very well explains how great business is built and how you can also create one.

If you want to be a millionaire relatively quickly than others, then this is the great book which you should put hands into.

This book is not a get rich quick book but it definitely reveals that you don’t require 60 years to be financially free.

The book reveals secrets on how you can crack the code to making millions very fast.

Very fast doesn’t mean overnight but it also doesn’t mean 20-30 years, with proper strategies and hard work anything can be done.

It reveals the secrets that to get financial freedom in life, providing value is the ultimate way possible.

MJ Demarco reveals about CENTS model which when applied in any business can definitely create a monopoly.

CENTS stands for Control, Entry, Need, Time-Bound and Scalability

MJ explains well in detail that if your business suffices all the point of CENTS model nobody can beat you in business.

If you plan to do business while in college or after your degree, I personally think this is one of the best books for college students to teach you how to scale your business.

In brief, I will let you know what this great book will teach you

  • How to add value to the lives of people
  • How to grow your business
  • How to create a system for your business to run on automation
  • How to scale your business
  • How to get on the Fastlane to earn millions


Find your Why by Simon Sinek

Living a life without a purpose is not actually living it but wasting it.

The earlier you know and understand your WHY, the better it is and the higher your chance to be successful.

The best time to clearly know and understand about WHY is when you are in college.

Your WHY is something which makes you feel passionate about something, makes you fulfilled, makes you feel satisfied, happy and that is the thing which makes you wake up every morning because you know that you are contributing to something which has a deep meaning and a sense of purpose.

To live a fulfilled is everyone’s right and not a privilege, every college student should feel fulfilled when they work, they should be able to feel that they are contributing to something larger than themselves.

I will give you an example of my WHY which makes me wake up every warning

 I have really felt the change in my mindset and attitude after reading a lot of books, I have got a lot of clarity over things in life which I actually want to do and that is what gives me mental clarity.

My WHY for blogging about books is that I believe in helping people gain clarity over their problems which makes their lives better and this world a better place, I do this by gaining knowledge through various books I read and I try to help them to solve their problems also inspire them to read books so that this chain continues.

When talking about best books for college students especially today, I just can’t miss listing this book.

I want to inspire the youth to read books and make their life better in any way possible and that is what makes me wake up in the morning, get out of the bed and start writing something which inspires others.

And when we talk about how to Find your Why, the book FIND YOUR WHY by Simon Sinek is the only guide that you will actually need to find your why, by no chance, I can miss the book in the list of best books for college students especially in 2020, when the world is dealing with an adverse situation.

Some more books for college students

How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

Communication and effective people skill is one such skill which is required everywhere no matter what you do, if you are in a job or a business, or in school or college. This thing is required everywhere.

If you are a good communicator who can convey his/her message in an effective manner, persuade people then you will excel no matter what.

It is a normal human tendency to ignore the power that words have, but trust me on this, words play a very important role in your life.

Don’t agree, read below.

Example 1: I appreciate the efforts you have put in and if we could do it in this manner, how would it be?

Example 2: You Stupid. who told you to do it this way. Is it a way to do work?

The guy wants to convey the same thing but the words and the manner he chose in example 1 and example 2 are totally different.

How would it be, if you someone said to you something in the tone of example 2?

Will you like it?

I mean you definitely you won’t like it because that is not a way to communicate. If you want to convey something harsh to someone there is a way for it and the book “How to win friends and influence people” will definitely teach you the way.

Not only how to say something harsh in a light tone so that the other person doesn’t feel offended, but also things we usually miss out which we should definitely be doing in our daily lives so make our near and dear one’s feel better.

Now you would be like, Okay! but what makes you include this book in the list of some of the best books for college students list.

This book will teach you how to 

  • Appreciate people honestly
  •  Persuade people to do something which they don’t want
  •  How to make other people your fan by being genuinely interested in them 
  • How not to criticise and complain
  • and a lot of awesome tips…

The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall

No matter, where you get in life. Life without fulfilment is not a life worth living.

Fulfilment of your life has a lot to do with the purpose you have in life and the gratefulness you have towards the things you currently possess.

If you don’t acknowledge and appreciate the things you have, no matter what you achieve ahead in life you will not feel fulfilled.

The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall is an ultimate classic which will make sure that you truly understand the meaning of the word grateful.

This book tells us about the 12 gifts that life offers us without any cost and how you can become a successful person when you embrace the gifts and truly understand what it actually means.

The reason for including this book in the list for the best books for college students is that the earlier the students and college-going guys understand the attitude of gratitude, it will be least likely that they will be trapped in this materialistic world.

This book will also make your perspective very clear in terms of things that everything happens for a reason, nothing is permanent and the path to lead a successful life is all about giving.

This book will teach you

  • How you can be grateful for the things you have offered by god at no cost
  • How to get rid of materialistic desires of life
  • How you can value true love, relationships, friendships and many more things

Conclusion – The best books for college students 

I hope all the books that I mentioned and listed here brings a lot of value, love and prosperity to you. I wish the list of best books for college students will help you learn a lot of skills in life and make you highly successful.