In this post, I will make you aware of the subconscious mind and the belief system we all have. How crucial role does it play in your daily life decision making? How beliefs influence your decisions?

Have you ever wondered, how you make some decisions very quickly? Ever tried to know the reason how you do it? Let’s find out

What is a belief system in the subconscious mind?

We all are able to make quick decisions because of the belief system we have. Human decisions are usually biased, based on what they think is right for them. Daily lots and lots of information are feed to your subconscious mind and it processed so as to form a belief via the 1st path or 2nd. (See fig. below). Our behaviors are controlled by the belief system.

The belief system is a space in your subconscious mind that is created based on the information and various memories fed to your mind. This information and memories get stored in your subconscious no matter whether you have critically analyzed it or not via path 1 or 2.

Flow diagram of the subconscious mind

Subconscious mind and The Belief System

Something about our subconscious mind which many people are not aware of

Conscious and Subconscious mind are the 2 parts of your mind.

Subconscious mind is the kid who does not want to make a lot of effort. It is the kid which is overconfident sometimes and therefore leads to some wrong decisions. It always works in the auto-pilot mode and is responsible for routine things. For example: walking, talking, driving, eating. All the effortless decisions which does not require much thinking are done by the subconscious part. Therefore this part requires almost no energy. You don’t think while you speak, walking does not require thinking etc.

While conscious mind is the one which is involved in calculations and critically analyzing of the information feed to make rational or logical decision. These type of decisions require a lot of effort because of critical thinking and hence require energy.  People often say ” Main to soch soch ke thak gaya hu”  due to this fact of high energy requirement and mind getting tired quickly.

Critical thinking is the analyzing part of the information feed and it is you who decides if to analyze the information or not. (Rather say send the information through path 1 or 2). Analyzing anything asks for logical reasons thus requires effort and energy. Let’s know more about how our brains work.

Why some decisions go wrong?

Anyone would argue that to make the right decisions we should always go by 2nd path, but that’s not how it goes.

Almost everyone has limited energy so does our mind and our mind does not want to spend a lot of energy in making decisions only. Our mind wants the subconscious mind to take all the decisions automatically without any effort to save energy for other activities. Hence to make decisions quicker, your mind relies on the belief system and assumptions that have already been present in there or created in the past.

Assumptions and beliefs can be created by path 1 and 2 both, but the probability of path 1 assumptions and beliefs getting wrong are higher because they are not critically analyzed.

That’s where some of our decisions go wrong, we believed the things to be true but they were not. Belief system decisions can sometimes be very deceptive. So we should make this a habit to analyze things first and then make a decision so as to not get fooled by our subconscious because decisions are made within a blink of an eye and we all want to make the right decisions.

Carol Dweck Video at Google

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Thank you for reading

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