Okay so I was privileged to be invited as a guest in various podcasts, linking all of them below so you can check them out in case you want any book recommendation, how to read books, why to read books, my take on stoicism, my take on psychology,  and a lot about how I think.

Half of them are on Youtube with Video so yayy, you can watch that, the other half are on Spotify or Anchor with audio so you can listen to them whenever you wish.

1. Adorn Talks with Varun Wadhwa


2. Accept the Blues with Ruchi Jha


3. Soya Says Podcast with Shoaib Qureshi

4. The Inquisitive Alley with Tejas Sudharkar

Watch Episode

5. The Bookledge Podcast with Shubham Jena

Episode 1

Episode 2

I hope you have fun and learning while listening to this, and I am the same as shown in all of these, this is how I talk when I am  in the chill mode. I will keep on posting about all the podcasts that I will go in future. Till then bye bye.