This interview series has gone very far where I have already interviewed some super inspiring people. We are back, with one more inspiring and awesome personality, Miss Anchal Rani, famously known for Libro Review, a youtube channel and Instagram page.

She thinks her mission is to inspire people to read books and that’s why she creates super awesome one-minute reviews, to let you know what is there in that book for you.

In Conversation with Anchal a.k.a Libro Review

meet anchal founder of libro review

Something personal with Libro Review

Arjun: Anchal, a lot of people know you specifically as the founder of Libro Review, not many know a lot about you personally. Tell us something about yourself as I want people to know about your story? Where do you come from and what you studied and where and how all this journey of Libro Review and 1-minute review started

Anchal: My name is Anchal and I come from Delhi, whereas the roots of my family are in Bihar.

Whenever someone asks me where I am from, I get confused, because of all the travelling I have done in my childhood and teenage years. I have lived in Chennai, Delhi, Dubai, Bihar and now in Ahmedabad.

Till 10th standard, I had the standard education from CBSE, but in 10th standard, I became the spokesperson of the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust which was founded by the parents of the late warrior – Nirbhaya. That led to me working with multiple NGOs, one of them being situated in Ahmedabad.

So I had to travel all over the country, going to different cities and raising awareness about a better education system, and this led to very few present days in my school. I was in Delhi at the time, and then we decided to shift to Ahmedabad so that my education can be completed.

I was not interested in the standard education, so I took a few drop years and completed studying Sanskrit, French, and Geeta while doing more campaigns. Then I had to finish my education, so I finished 12th standard externally, but I realised I cannot study ahead. It is just not for me. I get no value out of it. And I did not want to study for the sake of numbers.

That is when I went dark, I did not know what to do in life if I don’t want to pursue the standard education system. At that time books helped me gain perspective, and I wanted to share my love for them and help others benefit within a short amount of time, so I started with my one-minute reviews.

It started as a side job, but it caught on and I loved doing it. So I started Youtube too. I was not happy in college during these days, it was too binding and again, I didn’t get value, so I have dropped out, hoping to create my career on social media and eventually become a traveller and public speaker.

Arjun: To know more about Anchal, please watch the below video

How did the name Libro Review originate?

Arjun: Anchal,  good to know about those NGOs and your love for reading. Tell me, how did the name Libro Review originate? Any interesting story behind this and also tells us about the idea of just 1-minute review, how did this thing come up?

Anchal: Oh yes, there is a story but I don’t know if you will find it interesting. ‘Libro’ is Spanish for books. So Libro Review means books reviews. It’s very simple.

I came up with it with the help of one of my very close friend, and we both were a fan of a Spanish Football club. I love the culture of Spain too – music, places, food, language.

So I gave a touch of my love for Spain in the name and kept it simple. The most difficult part for me to read was not knowing what I should read, and I wanted to eradicate that problem for people, so I started with the reviews.

Favourite books of Libro Review founder

Arjun: I know this question will be a difficult one to answer, tell me your 3 most favourite books

Anchal: It is the most difficult question I get asked all the time. But my top 3 are the first 3 books I read because they turned me into a reader – The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Arjun: As an avid reader you must be gifting a lot of books to people. What are some books that you gifted people the most, is it one of your favourites?

Anchal: Honestly, I don’t have a lot of friends to give gifts to. So, I rarely gift. But some of my Favourites for gifting are – How To Be A Bawse by Lily Singh, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter. They are fun.

What does success mean for the Libro Review founder

Arjun: Success has a different meaning for everyone. How does Anchal Rani define success for herself?

Anchal: Success for me means being able to do what I want and when I want it. I want to be rich and famous, but I cannot sacrifice the time I get with my loved ones for that.

I cannot sacrifice my mental peace. I am very good with time management, I don’t procrastinate, I have plans for everything, so I know I will get work done, but I need freedom. So, Success for me means mental freedom.

Arjun: Anchal, thank you so much. You made me aware of a new term called mental freedom. Tell me, how are you finding the YouTube and Instagram Journey of Libro Review till now?

Anchal: Oh, I loveeeeee it. I love it so much. It’s very difficult I must say, I never stop working. You are judged on the basis of numbers by a great number of people, or they won’t even listen to what you are saying.

On the other hand, there are some gorgeous people who give so much love, I love it. So, it’s difficult. But this difficulty is what my passion requires. It gives me the strength to dig through, work harder, smarter, learn more, be myself, and the best part – mental freedom.

Arjun: My favourite video of Anchal (Libro Review youtube channel) is below where she is recommending great books for beginners to start with the habit of reading.

Libro Review on habits, productivity and limiting beliefs

Arjun: What is that one habit, which you think is very important for you to excel in life?

Anchal: It may sound cliche but being authentic and being yourself. Apart from hydrating (haha). I know it is not usually considered a ‘habit’, but I have learnt over these past 2 years that being myself on the camera, in interviews, with people, is not as easy as I thought it would be. It is not something that you decide on one night and the next day you become your most authentic self. It is a practice.

Every single day you have to choose to be yourself despite the situation you are in. You have to train your brain to respond instead of reacting. Train your brain to be, no matter who is surrounding you.

Arjun: Anchal, you are aware that people restrict themselves to take action just because of the limiting beliefs they have. Some tips you want to give to clear the limiting beliefs that people have?

Anchal: This answer is, unfortunately, not welcoming – you have to do it to get rid of any kind of fear attached to it. Trust me, I am scared all the time.

Fear of failing, and my posts fail a lot of times, so I fail a lot; fear of rejection, not being relatable, relevant, because I am trying to build something from scratch and I need the Libro Review family for it; fear of being judged, this is a big one, being judged for being too optimistic, too bold, on the basis of numbers, etc.

I judge myself before someone can judge me sometimes. But, what do I do about it? Just because a few people won’t get me, doesn’t mean I stop serving and fulfilling my cosmic responsibility. So, I just do it. Whatever idea is in my mind, I just put it out. Some fail, some are good, some are great, but ultimately, I have done what I can do, and that satisfies me. I take action despite the fear, and that is what I can suggest anyone to do.

Libro Review on Time-Management

Arjun: How do you manage your time and make sure you make it highly productive?

Anchal: This is something I am proud of (haha). I have read multiple time-management books, but the best principles that I use are two and they save me all the time –

1. Look at the time as energy, simply flowing, and use it and bend it the way you want. Our time is divided into days, weeks, years, but that’s for helping our brain to make sense of time. Actually, time is free-flowing energy, so I bend it however I want.

Now how do I not misuse it?

2. Do the most important and most urgent tasks first, then the less urgent most important, then the not too urgent and not too important. I have these criteria in my brain all the time, and I make to-do lists. Whatever is the top priority, I do it, despite the day of the week or month. A lot of times, I work harder on Sunday than any other day, depending upon my priorities. And Monday becomes my Self-care Sunday.

Challenges faced by the Libro Review founder

Arjun: No person can be successful without challenges. What are the challenges you faced in your journey to where you are today?

Anchal: One, as I mentioned above, being myself. I love myself a lot. I am very happy with the person I am. I never fake, I am honest, and that’s the favourite part of me about me. But, being that honest on camera becomes difficult, and I judge myself. That is one challenge, but I am much better at it now over the past few months of Youtube. Second, being around the right kind of people. This is a big one.

I have not always been around people that have similar ambition or passion quotient, which is absolutely fine by me, but they were not very uplifting when it came to me. I work too hard, I am trying too hard, I don’t need to do it, there is a simpler way, these are the things I heard a lot. So keeping my passion alive despite this and working hard is tough.

Arjun: What do you think has been your best investment till date not necessarily in terms of money, but maybe in terms of time and energy which you think have yield something which you love or admire or be proud of?

Anchal: I think the time I invest in building a connection with people on any platform is the best. I try not to let go of a single DM I get on Instagram, I try to reply to every comment I get, talk to people, go live, and really understand what they are saying. The community we are building because this is my biggest motivation, reward, and most precious to me. I love the Libro Review community.

Lessons that impacted the most

Arjun: This is my favourite question which I ask everyone I interview. What do you think is one core value or personality trait in you that has brought you where you are today?

Anchal: I don’t give up. I fail a lot. A LOT. Not just with content but in other aspects of life too. But no matter what, if there is something I believe it, I will not give up. I will do extra hard work, I will learn more, work more, whatever it may be, I WON’T GIVE UP.

Arjun: What were some of the biggest lessons that have impacted or changed the way that you work? What was the lesson, and what was it like before and after?

Anchal: When I started I thought I have to be the person who knows things because I read and deliver it to anyone who takes out time to consume it. At the beginning of 2020, I realised that’s not what I want to do, or what people need from me. Instead of delivering all the information in the book already, I want and need to be the change I want to see.’

I need to shift my own life, rise from where I am, and show how bookish knowledge is not all theory, it’s practical. So now I recommend books because the information is there, and I document my personal development based on books so that everyone can read those books and use it to their benefit in their way, as I do.

Something unknown from Anchal

Arjun: What’s something you are really good at, that few people know about or that you are not known for?

Anchal: I am good at dancing, philosophy, spirituality, and being fun.

Arjun: You understand that what you are doing is starting to make a difference to society. How do you feel knowing that what you are doing is making someone’s life better?

Anchal: That is the only feeling I am living for, since childhood. It makes me feel more connected to god.

Arjun: What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Anchal: Hahaha. I love junk food. When I say love, I mean legit LOVE junk food. Staying healthy is a struggle for me because I am a health freak and junky in one body. I love sleeping till late in the morning. The days when I sleep and wake up when I want to are bliss. But it is kind of a guilty pleasure given I have read 3-4 books that are based on waking up before the world does.

Arjun: I know you have thought about writing a book one day, what genre will it be in?

Anchal: Non-fiction for sure. But I’m not sure what in it. It will most probably by philosophical.

Arjun: Anchal, I know you might be receiving a lot of messages. Share some experience, when someone messaged you that what you are doing has created a massive impact in their life. I am sure many people, will be inspired by this thing?

Anchal: Thank you. There was a message recently, from one of the people who got therapy under the therapy sessions give-away I did for my birthday. She said she didn’t know she could feel the way she is, but now she does, and she is breathing. She thanked me for it. I almost cried. I almost cry a lot of times, but this one was very close to my heart because it was relatable to my own life.

Advice for teens from Libro Review founder

Arjun: You are very young and yet very mature. One advice that you want to give to current teen generation to do what they are passionate about?

Anchal: To the teens, I would just say that I completely understand the juggling you are doing. Things that are important to you are kiddie things for others. You may not feel seen or heard, and there is a lot changing. I am not in your situation so I know I can’t feel what you are feeling, but, I have been there.

I understand. All you need to remember right now is that you are enough and awesome. Please, PLEASE, don’t let the opinions of others make you feel up or down. Don’t give people, friends, whoever, this kind of authority. You are so awesome, you don’t know.

All you need to do right now is focus on yourself, your health, your knowledge, your skills, your fun because soon you will grow up, you will realise you are awesome, and people will take you very seriously. At that time, you need to be prepared with your mental and physical health to take on the world in your own way, and that preparation must begin today.

Arjun: That’s all Anchal, I think I had asked you enough questions and I hope the questions excited you, again I am very grateful to you for your very precious time. Readers who want specific book reviews can ask for it on the Libro review website: Libro Review just go to the request review section and fill in the details.

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