Hello, The Improvement Terminal family. I am very grateful, you are here to read something to make your life better. Keep it up.

This post is about some small and fascinating things to do everyday which will help you reduce stress, anxiety and tension and make your lives more peaceful and meaningful.

These things, when included in your daily routine, will make you feel more fulfilled and satisfied. These things will help you make a positive contribution to the world.

Nothing I will mention or enlist will be cost-driven or cost you something. Everything will be very easy yet very impactful, I am sure by the end of the article you will feel high on energy.


I am an avid reader and trust me reading has been not just a game-changer for me but literally a life changer.

I am very grateful to every element of the universe which has made me aware that you grow exponentially when you read and understand experiences from different individuals.

Why I am including reading in the list of activities or things to do everyday is definitely a no brainer.

We all know that the world’s richest and most influential people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Mukesh Ambani are all avid readers and they credit their share of success to reading.

The point here is not in knowing but understanding.

We all know reading is a good habit and it should be a top priority in the list of things to do everyday but people don’t follow it because they fail to understand the invisible potential it has to transform our lives.

I am not exaggerating this thing, I also thought that way before becoming a reader.

After reading close to 100 books in the last 2 years, I am literally blown away by the mindset shift I have, my attitude towards life, the habits I have currently and many more things which if I start writing will literally make this article a magazine.

Now the more I read, the more I understand that I don’t know a lot of things, and that’s what keeps me going on to read more, learn more and understand more.

To start easily with this reading habit, I have made a dedicated post on some interesting books less than 200 pages to read so that you can inculcate the reading habit very easily. All the 200 pages book can be finished in a jiff, they all are very interesting books and would help you easily in building a reading habit.

If you are already a reader, then you should definitely check out my top recommendation books of all time




The above picture is how I journal.

Journaling is a process where you put down things which are in your mind into a piece of paper to clear out all the clutter, haziness or confusion and to gain clarity over things and thoughts.

Journaling is my daily self-improvement tracker and I can’t skip or ignore it no matter what when I mention a list of things to do everyday. When you make choices everyday you need to keep a track of where you are heading to.

I do it in a manner where I make 6 divisions on the A4 size paper and fill out as shown in the above pic.

This activity hardly takes 15-20 minutes and helps me track whether I am learning something new every day or not.

After my journaling session is done I feel great, thrilled and more peaceful knowing the fact I have learnt something new, I have done something positive today, I still have things to improve on and I have done something which is taking me towards my goals.

I usually write about

  • Gratitude
  • Goals
  • Ideas to be implemented
  • Something positive/Something I could have done better
  • What I learned from the book I am reading
  • To do goal list

Gratitude practising is a subset of the journaling process but if you can’t journal every day that’s fine.

I would still recommend you to follow and practice just gratitude every day. Journaling every day will make you improve daily and bring you inner peace.

If you want to buy a journal: Click here


Make someone smile

Are you curious why I included this thing in the list of things to do everyday?

If you’re happy right now why to limit the happiness to yourself only, why not share it with others.

I hope you remember the quote

Happiness increases when you share it with others.

When you are born as a human, we all have a common obligation, and that is to serve, that is to make someones’ life better.

Making someone’s life better seems to be a tough task, isn’t it?

Well, I must tell you it is not.

Think it in a manner of as small an action as possible saying something like

I really appreciate that you are on time every day, I love the fact that you value people’s time.

I love the way you are kind to each and every individual you meet, I love your ground to earth nature.

Don’t you think these sentences will make someone’s day?

Then why not go ahead and make someone’s day a little more beautiful to make them forget their worries.

I have written a dedicated article on how to appreciate someone, which will help you in genuinely appreciating someone with minimal efforts.


Help someone daily

When talking about helping I am saying to help someone without any expectations.

Maybe you don’t have a problem right now but someone else might have a problem or an issue. You could go out and solve someone’s problem.

Happiness comes from solving problem and making someone’s life better. Even if you are sad and not making

It can be as easy as helping a blind person cross the road, helping your mom in household work, helping your dad in his work, and all sorts of things which can make someone’s life a little better.

Without any expectations how will it benefit me?

This will help you build self-worth, confidence and fulfilment. You will feel satisfied because you have done something worthy rather than cringing about problems you went ahead and contributed to making someone’s life better.

And this is why this task is in my list of things to do everyday and I know it will stay in the list forever because humans are built to serve to help people.

Learn something new everyday

When I read the books The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and Atomic Habits by James Clear, I was left in awe because both these books taught me something which I think every person who wants to be successful in his own terms needs to know which is The Compound Effect

It is not the one big decision that will change your life but it is the small smart insignificant good choices that you make daily continuously in the long run which creates maximum impact. This is what compound effect means.

If you are not learning, you are not growing. Learn something everyday and the compound effect will work in your favor.

Everything is getting compounded, so if you do something which is not good for you, it won’t matter in few days or few months but trust me it will show drastic results in the long run.

For example

Eating sugary foods every day, sleeping for a long duration, watching porn these things won’t show any impact in a few days or months but will definitely show impact in years to come, if you do it daily.

Every time you chose something over others you are becoming aware of your choices.

Therefore, learn something new everyday, it can be as small as learning a new feature of MS-Word or reading just 2 pages of a book based on a skill which you never knew.

Trust me, when followed this thing daily, you will be shocked to see the results in a few years.

I have seen the impact myself and that is why I urge you to do this. I have made sure learning is a priority in the list of things to do everyday, learning from books and courses is what I usually prefer.

Practice Gratitude

I can’t describe more how much peaceful I have been since I have been practising gratitude daily and that is why I have included it in the list of the activities or things to do everyday.

You are really blessed if you eat 2 meals a day, you have a roof above your head to sleep, you have clean water to drink, a good family and friends to talk and many more things which most people are deprived of.

It just takes less than 2 minutes to practice gratitude but it makes us value the things we have got in life and bring more inner peace to us.

If you desire more things, it will definitely come to you but first, you have to learn to value what you already have.

In usual practice or I can say in our day-to-day activities we often tend to take things for granted and thus the blessings we have around us becomes less important or less valuable or we start ignoring things as it doesn’t even exist.

Therefore, to stay grounded and humble we definitely need to practice gratitude and include in tasks or things to do everyday from today

Gratitude can be as simple as

  1.  I am grateful for birds chirping around me
  2. I am grateful for the trees around me that give me oxygen
  3. I am grateful for the eyes I have to look at this beautiful world
  4. I am grateful to be able to walk properly because of my legs

Just read those sentences, don’t you feel the positivity in you when you read and value it. That’s what being grateful means.

There is nothing bad in desiring more but valuing the things you have right now is as important.

I hope this article provided a lot of value to you and



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