Hey, I am Arjun Sachdev from India. Thanks for reaching out to me for my book review services.

If you’re here, that means you considered me for my book review services i.e you want me to review a book you wrote or published, etc. Firstly, I am grateful for the fact that you considered me in reviewing your book.

The main aim of starting my Instagram book page was to connect great books with people which can either solve their problems or satisfy their curiosity to learn and understand about something people want to know.

With time the page also evolved into helping new authors to help promote their great books with genuine and honest feedback.

Below are a few points you should know about my book review process.

Book Review Process

1. The author should read this review policy completely and should be comfortable with the things mentioned, if you have any query, no matter how small it is, please revert me back on Instagram DM and we will discuss it out.

2. My suggestion for you is to check the testimonial of some of the authors who have used my book review services in the past too and it will give you a view of what other’s have to say about my services. This step is optional but it will be helpful for you to chose based on your observations. Click here to check the Testimonials

3. Once, the author has agreed to the review policy, I will mention the price quotation to the author on the DM and if the author is comfortable with the pricing, they should do the payment 100% in advance, and I will buy the book right away if the author pays for the book else the authors can send the book themselves too.

4. The review of the book will be posted on all Instagram and Goodreads platforms within 60 days once the book arrives at my doorstep.

5. I will make sure to keep the author up to date in equal intervals on what is the progress on the book and I will also give 3 Insta Story Links of the book to Amazon so that my audience can check out and buy the book, , I will tag the authors in my stories whenever I mention the book and also I will let them know in advance on when I will be posting the review.

Book Choices

1. Book Genres I will promote:

  • Non-fiction
  • Personal Development
  • Inspirational Fiction
  • Crime Thrillers
  • Memoirs/Biographies

If your books fall outside of the above genres, this is probably not the page for you to promote your book.

2. I accept paperback/hardcover and Kindle review copies of the books (Kindle books only upto 100 pages only).

3. In case of e-Books, I charge higher because Kindle and PDF books are harder to read and also takes a lot of time, I hope you understand the value of my time.

4. The amount to be paid for the review is not the same for every book. It varies on the format (paperback/eBook), genre type as well as the number of pages in the book, and that is the reason it will not be mentioned over here because it will be different for every book.

7. All payments are to be made 100% in advance either by UPI, Google Pay, Bank Transfers or PayPal

Book Review Services  – Deliverables

8. As mentioned above – The review will be posted on all Instagram and Goodreads platforms within 60 days once the book arrives at my doorstep.

9. I don’t do any kind of video deliverables either it is YouTube Video Review, IG Video review, IG live with authors or IG reel review because I have been doing professional book reviews for the past 24 months and I know what type of content gets more reach and traction and what’s worth putting effort into, no video reviews are worth the effort from my view point so please if you are looking out for someone with a video deliverable I am sorry, I am not the suitable person.

10. The 60 days time frame is required because I have multiple review copies with me at a time whose authors have paid me well in advance, so I hope you understand my situation  as you are an author yourself  and give me the required time frame.

11. As mentioned in the process section – I will also provide 3 story links to Amazon or a particular website (as per your needs) in intervals so that people can check out and buy your book.

12. I do not promise any high ratings without reading the book. Once reviewing and rating the book, I do not change or delete it.

Things that the authors should know

1. As a book reviewer, I know it takes a lot of time, energy and emotions to read the book thoroughly, analyze it and review it without any biases.  My reviews and recommendations are something which people consider seriously so honesty, authenticity and quality are few aspects I will never compromise on, and I am serious about this that people consider my recommendations seriously.

Check the below analytics of my book review and recommendations post, you can see the number of saves every post has got, people save it so that they can comeback to it later, so in the long run, your book will get a lot of eyeballs and attention it deserves. You just need to be patient.

Here is the analytics of book review services saves that I get usually on my posts

2. I do not believe in short reviews because they reflect  little value, so I prefer reviewing the books in lengths. I don’t just review but discuss the book in my reviews which can help other readers to consider more points why they should read the authors’ books.

3. Once the payment has been done and if you change your mind to not get my book review services, the money won’t be refunded, so please make sure you take your time and decide if you wish to hire me for my services only and only when you are 100% comfortable and sure.

4. As a reviewer my job is to review the book honestly and critically without being biased, I am not someone who can guarantee you a certain number of sales or a particular target for books to be sold, although indirectly my reviews do drive sales of the book but I cannot be certain of the number of sales it will get, so if you are looking for someone who can promise you number of guaranteed sales, trust me I am not that one. If people like my review of your book, they will buy it but selling them is not under my control, nor it is my job.

5. I will treat everybody the same no matter what, if you are not a well known person, a celebrity or a business tycoon, so if you want to get discounts just because you are so and so, I am not the right person to negotiate with based on the fame or popularity you have. My job is to review the book and not the author. I need to compartmentalize between the book and the author, because if I don’t I might end up writing something biased and that is something I will not do ever in my life.

6.I am a reviewer based in India, so in case if you are from any other country, make sure before moving forward that you can send review copies to an Indian address.

Thank you so much for patiently reading this, everything above was honest because I am here to build heart to heart connections and that can be done through honesty and not mind games. I have made awesome author friends like Abhilash, Sonali, Lavina, Joethis, John, Mannat, Veda, etc because of my works.

Now below is a link to the testimonials from some authors who have used my services, please do check it and I am sorry for exaggerating but I know how much they loved my services. I am sure that you will get a rough idea of what value and help will be delivered to you through my service. In case you wish to talk to any of the authors mentioned in the testimonials, search them on Instagram or DM me, I will send you their profiles.