Do you fear of failure? You can overcome all your fear by just changing your mindset to a growth mindset. This post is all about knowing what does growth mindset mean. After reading the complete article you will understand why growth mindset matters and why growth mindset is so important to bring success to you.

People have different names for it like an entrepreneurial mindset, winner mindset, champion mindset, warrior mindset, millionaire mindset and whatnot. Trust me, they all are the subsets of the growth mindset.

what does growth mindset mean


What does the growth mindset mean?

Ever heard of the phrase “Every success journey begins with the right mindset” because that is actually what it is. No person can become successful without the right mindset

Mindset is the key difference between failures and success.

This type of mindset is not limited to any individual it can be for everyone like the growth mindset for kids, growth mindset for parents and growth mindset for students.

A great teacher can create an environment for a growth mindset in the classroom for the kids present.

Wealthy people are not rich because they have loads of money, but because they have the right mindset or the growth mindset.

Take away all the wealth from a wealthy person and make him broke. A rich mindset will again bring him all the wealth.

The rich people know what does growth mindset mean for them and you the one reading this post can also have that growth mindset.

Below is a growth mindset exercise for the people, ask yourself how you see the situation in the examples given below. Do you think with growth mindset or a fixed mindset?

Thought examples of people with a growth mindset

  1. They don’t say “I can’t do it“, they ask themselves “how I can do it?”
  2. For them failures do not mean an end, it means an obstacle in the way
  3. For them, every adversity brings out one of the hidden potentials in them
  4. They look for positive in every situation and circumstance. A problem is not a problem, but an opportunity
  5. They don’t see limitations, they look at the possibilities
  6. They focus on finding the solution, rather than dwelling on the problems
  7. They believe in counting on the blessings while a fixed mindset focus on finding what is missing
  8. Failing for people having a growth mindset means a temporary stumbling block rather than a permanent lacking.
  9. They believe if they work hard on sharpening any skill, everything is achievable.

For eg: got fewer sales this quarter no worries will work harder to get more sales done next time. This is what having a growth mindset is.

Mindset is what differentiate winners from losers, successful and the unsuccessful, wealthy and the poor.

A growth mindset is a mindset that thinks like a champion, which believes a great mind can generate great wealth.

This type of growth mindset believes that abilities can change with the change of mindset. They feel they can handle anything, learn anything and achieve anything.

Your mind is the greatest asset in the world and when used properly it can generate enormous wealth.

In this era, people have got very impatient and they want success very quickly. If they don’t get successful quickly they get demotivated which shows the lack of the right mindset.

The question to us is why we don’t see failures as feedbacks that the way you are doing something is not working, so try some other way.

The thing with patience is “It is important to be patient to get successful, but at the same time very dangerous to be patient in changing your mindset”.

Some people think changing mindset should also take time but trust me, a mindset change is required right now instantaneously.

You can’t say I will change my mindset in the next 5 days. And if you say so you never will.

Success: Why a growth mindset is important?

Example to explain what does growth mindset mean for you?

Let’s say you start a journey from your home and you want to reach a destination where you can reach through route A and route B.

When you start with route A and move ahead you realize that there is an obstruction that doesn’t allow you to cross the road.

What will you do?

Will you take route B or stay right at home waiting for some miracle to happen someday and route A getting clear so that you can pass through it comfortably?

This is what actually happens in life when things don’t go your way. You have to take another way but that doesn’t mean you change the destination.

The obstacle is our fixed mindset which blames our destiny and thinks things can’t change even if you try.

We have been trapped in our comfort zone and our fixed mindset does not allow us to take another way.

This is why a growth mindset is important and why it is the need of the hour.

Success: Why a growth mindset is important?

What will you choose regret or failures?

The people who are successful believe that success is all about giving your best and how much you can improve yourself from the previous day.

The champion attitude believes effort and learning are essential in one’s success.

Because they believe that one per cent better every day will compound to become 37 times better at the end of the year and 1% degradation daily will leave you nowhere. This can be explained through this picture below.

Success: Why a growth mindset is important?

One starts his/her success journey when he/she gets the right mindset or the growth mindset and believes that the power within the individual is sufficient enough to conquer whatever one desires.

The environment we live in, the people we are surrounded by most of the time plays an important role in our mindset. If you stay with people who think they are bound to fail even if they try, with the time you will also start believing that you will also fail.

This is a middle-class mindset or a fixed mindset.  That is why I always emphasize spending time with people who push you forward or upgrade you not downgrade you.

The quote I believe in  ”You are the average of the 5 people who you closely chill with

Success: Why a growth mindset is important?

You have grown up spending most of the time in such a negative environment including your parents, friends, teachers, etc. from where you have received the information that things can’t work, we can’t afford, we can’t get rich which is deeply enrooted in your subconscious. These all are our limiting beliefs.

The use the negative words like I can’t, I am afraid, this will not happen. The more these negative thoughts revolve in your mind, the more you believe it to be true. These are all your limiting beliefs that are stopping to move out from the crowd of mediocrity.

Ask yourself this question?

On a scale of 1 to 10, what score will you give to the skill in you that will take to your desired goal?

Let’s say you are a blogger and the skill that will take you forward is the content you write and if you believe that your content writing skill needs to be improved and you are still not working on it, then you are still in the crowd of mediocrity.

If your answer is not 10, then you are in the crowd of mediocrity. We always limit ourselves to settle for less than what we desired and this is the time you have to step forward and get the score of 10.

You become what you think about most of the time.

If you think you can’t you will never be able to do the thing.

If you think you are afraid, just wait for the regret to come when you will think I should have tried. Trust me this feeling is horrible.

If you think you cannot make that thing happen, no power in the world will help you in making that thing happen.

Because of our fixed mindset we have accepted the life of mediocrity. When you start to believe that why a growth mindset is important to be successful you will start implementing the thing which successful people do.

Always believe that “Anything your mind can conceive can achieve

Do this thing to change your mindset

I suggest you do one thing

Google the word “mindset books” and I am sure you will find 100’s of books. Many of the authors of those books are millionaires right now.

Do you know why? Because they have come out of their limiting mindset wrote a book on such a topic that will help and inspire other people.

The book they have written is adding value to people’s lives.

They have understood the lesson behind what does growth mindset mean and what people want to know about the growth mindset.

Robert Kiyosaki in his best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has elaborated very well about the mindset of the rich and poor.

Poor mindset says “I can’t afford” and rich mindset asks the question “how can I afford it

You name the book and it is there. Here are some of the name of the books

  1. The secret of the millionaire mind
  2. The 5-second rule
  3. Mindset
  4. The growth mindset
  5. The Fast Forward Mindset
  6. The Wealth Mindset

The author of these books believes in the growth mindset. They know how crucial it is to get the right mindset for success.

Have you heard of this phrase “The one limit is that we set in our minds”?

The phrase is actually true what is stopping you is just the limit you have set in your mind? A human mind has unlimited potential to think and “whatever you think you can achieve”

Anthony Robbins in his book “Unlimited Power” tells us that there is an unlimited source of power inside you what is stopping the unlimited source is the switch of the limit in your mind.

Once you get rid of all the limiting beliefs which are set in your mind you can see yourself totally transformed.

What does growth mindset mean



I hope this article helps you know what does growth mindset mean and how to change your mindset to a growth mindset so that you can also become successful and live the life you always desired

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