Just imagine how would you feel if you could find a secret shortcut to the path of success.

Well, I am not exaggerating or kidding, there are some best self help books for men that can help you find the real shortcut to success.

The short cut doesn’t mean it is easy, it is definitely tough and you will have to work a lot, the point is it won’t take much time as it used to take earlier on.

This post is about top 10 self help books for men and women or top personal developments books that you should definitely read before you die.

These books will help you improve your personality, relationship, health, and finances. I have organized these books as per how it can benefit you.

I know this article is very lengthy but it will serve the purpose for what it is written.

I myself have read these books and realized the benefits of reading books and trust me, these books have changed my life forever.

These books are all great ones to get started with your reading journey. This article also includes best self help books for beginners.

Personally I think the list I am recommending consists of some of the best self-improvement books of all time. Reading the below books can be a life-changing experience for you.

      Top 10 self help books for mento read before dying 

Best books on mind and mindset

top 10 self help books of all time

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Everything starts with the right mindset

When you start on your success journey. The most important thing which you require is a positive and growth mindset.

Therefore you should always start with some books which tells you how you can get that mindset shift which is very much necessary for you to be successful.

I cannot exclude this book from a list of books for personal growth or best personal growth books.

A great mindset is to your success what a great foundation is to your apartment.

This book will change your mindset from fixed to growth and help you in improving health, wealth and relationships which are known to be the fundamental pillars of human life.

How people with a growth mindset think?

  1.  Abilities can change with practice
  2. Failure means a temporary stumbling block rather than a permanent lacking
  3. People with a growth mindset believe in continuous learning because the more you learn, the more you earn
  4. Success does not mean being a superior, success means bettering oneself

Success does not come from a mindset it comes from a growth mindset. I am suggesting this book, in particular, because it has made a paradigm shift that has turned the direction of my life.

Today I have a job that pays me close to 1 lac per month and I am a fresher(just 22) and this just happened because of the growth mindset I have.

I am not here to brag about my earnings, it is just that when you change your mindset anything can be possible.

Trust me your mind is your biggest asset and when you invest on your biggest asset, the returns can be humungous.

Read this book and you will know for sure why your mindset is so crucial and so very important.

This book is nearly 320 pages but it will be worth it because of the growth mindset that you will develop from this will help you earn millions in the future.

Suggested for people

  1. People who have negative thoughts about themselves
  2. People who have limiting beliefs and are unable to take actions in life
  3. People who want to improve their mindsets
  4. People who are highly ambitious and think of getting fearless on their success journey


Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

The second most important book in my list which is as great as the first one.

Attitude is Everything tells you how much attitude contributes to every success we achieve in our lives.

This book will challenge all your subconscious beliefs and replace them with long-lasting positive beliefs that are so very important for you when you start on your success journey.

Dr Viktor Frankl says

“Anything can be taken from a man except his attitude on how he responds and reacts to the situations in his life”

You are not where you should be just because of the limiting beliefs you have.

The limiting beliefs are restricting you to take actions reminding you of all the negative emotions attached with that belief.

What is the difference between you and a small child?

A small child doesn’t have limiting beliefs and that is why he is unafraid even if he falls.

When he falls, he laughs on himself and rises again.

This book is divided into 3 sections. So with the change of attitude, the books also talk about 11 lessons that are crucial in life and to bring those lessons in your life a positive attitude helps.

The books also talk about how a positive attitude helps and why it helps.

This book has positive quotes written after every 3-4 pages which always keeps you motivated and engaged. You will never feel disconnected for a second.

You can just pick this book up and read any page at random and you will not get bored. I have read this book 3 times and every time I read this I get something new out 0f it.

After reading this book you will feel like there is an infinite amount of energy source inside you which can do anything and make anything happen.

This book is my personal favourite and you will get to know why, when you read the book yourself.

This book is a simple short read nearly 150 pages but once you start reading you will finish it in a whim, it also has wonderful quotes written which charges you to do things beyond your comfort zone.

I just can’t describe more and spoil the epicness of this book. Just do read this book and get the infinite source of energy inside you.

Suggested for people

  1. People who have limiting beliefs and underestimate themselves.
  2. People who have anxiety issues and are feeling depressed
  3. People who want to change their career and have that fear of being unsuccessful

This book is a masterpiece if you don’t read it now you will be missing a lot of wisdom.



    ” A reader lives a thousand lives”


The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Have you ever wondered how small things you do in your daily life affect you? Well, you surely will start wondering once you read this mind-boggling book The Compound Effect. 

This book will shock you to the core to prove that the small changes you do in your daily life can work wonders in the long run. Some things that you change can get you unexpected results.

Think of everything with a mindset of an investor and it will change your life.

For example, consider the below scenarios

  1. Eating a brownie, how will it affect my health in the long run?
  2. Investing in a book, how will it affect my knowledge in the long run?
  3. Taking stairs rather than lift, how is it going to affect my health?
  4. Impulsive Shopping? How is it going to affect my finances in the long run?

This book says that everything you do in life is linked to compounding. Compounding in maths matters when the time period is long enough and makes a huge impact in the long run.

The best example I can give you is Warren Buffet on how he made billions of dollars through compounding.

Consistent small changes create long-lasting impact

These small decisions compound and create a very big impact in the long run. Exercising daily with discipline just for 15 mins can create a huge impact on your health.

This book is a must-read to develop an investor mindset. Don’t miss out to make your life better by reading books like this.

This book is about 192 pages which are very less compared to the value it provides. I have got a lot of long-lasting habits from this book and I am sure this book will intrigue the will inside you to create habits.

Suggested for people

  1. People who want to create long-lasting habits and changes.
  2. People who are disciplined enough to make things happen in life.
  3. People who want to learn how their choices and habits affect their life
  4. People who want to improve in every aspect of their life


Must-read books for highly productive mornings

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Are you aware of the fact that the majority of the millionaires rise up early and credit their success to the super productive mornings they have?

Just imagine yourself completing 80% of your tasks before 9 A.M in the morning. Wondering how this can be possible?

This book will tell you how to do that. How to just make your mornings highly productive by doing 80% of your important work in the morning itself.

The author of the book teaches a concept of morning habit rituals by SAVERS which will drastically transform your life and build a dream lifestyle for yourself.

SAVERS means Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing.

10 mins for every day for each of the rituals and these habits will just change your life.

The author Hal Elrod teaches and elaborates everything which happened in his life and how he transformed his life by these six-morning rituals. Trust me, the story of Hal is very inspirational where he survived a near-death experience and after that the 2008 global crisis where his company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Suggested for people

  1. People who want to make their mornings productive
  2. People who want to wake up early
  3. People who want to build great habits for success in life


Books on Getting Wealthy 

top 10 self help books in 2020

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

I hated it when I realized that I haven’t been financially educated in school or college. At the same time, this book was an eye-opener for me.

Schools are teaching us to be employees, not to own our businesses or run our companies.

We have taught in school to study hard, go to a good college and get a good job but why it is important if you can run your own companies.

Our schools are teaching us academically and scholastic skills but no one is teaching us financial education and that is what leads us to live a life in rat race.

This book will teach you financial literacy and how you can get out of the race with the help of financial education and using your brain.

I personally think this is the most basic book on personal finance anyone can read and that is why I have included this book in the list of self help books for men but for anyone above the age of 16.

Suggested for people

  1. Firstly anyone who wants to get financially free and rich in life.
  2. Someone who wants to make great investments
  3. People who don’t know anything about personal finance.


The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco


The Millionaire Fastlane book is a super simple yet super effective book that cuts all the crap on how to get rich. This book breaks all myths about getting rich.

This book was a complete eye-opener for me because after this book my perception over business and entrepreneurship changed completely and understood how people who make millions earn a lot of money.

I would be very foolish if I don’t include this book not only in top 10 self help books for men recommendation but in any category.

There are some books which speaks for itself and trust me, this is one of those books.

All the conventional get rich books in the market creates some myths.

Some myths

  1. Save 10 per cent of your income and invest
  2. Live Frugal
  3. Retire at 60 with multi-million dollars
  4. Live your life happily

Okay good enough, but what am I going to do with the money when I have no life to spend it.

Is there any way where you can get rich and wealthy even if you are young? Yes my friend, you absolutely can. This book suggests the readers get a producer mindset than a consumer mindset.

To produce content or service that adds value to people’s lives. The more value you add to more number of people the wealthier you will get.

For example, why do the film stars, book writers, YouTubers and businessmen of big companies make a huge amount of money? Because they are adding value to the lives of millions of people by their content.

The simple formula to get financially free is to add value by your service or product and you will see for yourself how easily you acquire wealth.

I have wasted a lot of time by avoiding this book and reading all the crappy books available in the market. This book is enough for you to get rich. Just make sure you don’t miss out on what I missed out.

Suggested for people

  1. People who actually want to get rich early in life and attain financial freedom but also believe that they have to put effort to create something which adds value to people’s lives.
  2. People who want to create a monopoly business
  3. People who aspire to be entrepreneurs who make an impact
  4. People who want to scale their business massively

(Note: Please don’t buy this book, if you are not ready to do hard work and take actions in your life. This book will be a waste of time for you)


Self-help books for purpose in life

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do what you do.

Your life will become meaningless if you don’t have a clear why for what you are doing even if you achieve all the top standard status like money, fame and a good family because meaning, satisfaction and fulfilment comes from serving people.

Serving what?

Serving what you believe in and why it is important to you.

Like for me: Reading is important so my why goes like below

I stand and believe in living a life where everyone loves their work and has ultimate freedom over it, and I know self-education can help you achieve that. That is why I read books and write about self-improvement.

Here I have already mentioned I believe in freedom and stand for it and I know that self-education will help you provide value and serve others and bring you freedom (this is the impact the world will have) my contribution towards it will be making people aware of the good books that can help you achieve that, therefore I write about books, self-development and self-education.

This book tells us about how leaders dominate and how people who lead inspire, how Apple thrives and why their customers are too loyal to it, why Martin Luther King was able to inspire close to 250000 people in the US at a time there was no internet because all of them started with Why their why was clear, they believed in something.

This book is a total mind-blower if you wish to lead and inspire a lot of people in what you believe will help this world become a better place.

I would commit a sin if I don’t include this book in the list of self help books for men anyday.

Self-help book which makes you dream big

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I know that you have heard of this book at least a dozen times if you are a book reader or lover.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one of the most popular self-help books of all time. With more than 65 million copies sold and translation into 80 different languages, this book has created a lot of impact in the lives of people.

The story talks about a shepherd named Santiago who is on a journey to find his purpose in life. This is a really inspiring story that will inspire you and make you aware of the power of the universe.

The power of the universe tries to bring you the things you asked for and this book is the classic example of the statement. The book will help you in discovering what you were really searching for.

The purpose of life you all wanted to know. Your personal legend. Written in a story format this book will hit you teaching many important life lessons related to opportunities, what you want and many more.

I loved this book, I read this book more than 3 times, and every time I read this book I find something new in it. If I make a list of top 5 influential self-help books in my life, this book will definitely be there.

This book is nearly 200 pages and is an absolute gem. The book engages its readers so well and the readers feel very connected to the story. This book has beautiful and deep meaning quotations in it which will teach you a lot about life.

Suggested for people

  1. People who want to find their purpose in life
  2. People who want to understand, whatever happens, happens for good and for a reason
  3. People who have big dreams and ambitions in life.



Self-improvement books for Self-Love

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson

There can’t be a list of book recommendations and this book missing out. This is a book which you should definitely read before you die.

I was inspired so much by the book that the idea of starting this blog came after reading this book and therefore, I would anyhow include this book in top 10 self help books for men and women to read recommendations.

We are so much indulged in thinking what people think of us, that we forget being ourselves. This book will teach you how to start loving yourself. How not to give importance to people’s opinions.

Sometimes we take up unnecessary and small things very seriously and get anxious and nervous over things which really don’t matter that much. This book will teach you how to prioritize things on which you have to give f*ck.

The book also very well elaborates the concept of success and failures, how to look at positive and negative experiences in life and how to be happy in the journey and not the destination.

Success is in the journey and not the destination. This is my favourite quote from the book which explains for you to be successful goal achieving is not that important, what is more important is, how you enjoy the journey to reach the goals.

Goals once achieved will keep on changing that is why it is important to be happy and enjoy the journey.

This blog was started with the inspiration from this book. This book is highly recommended. Reading it 2-3 times is a must.

Suggested for people

  1. People who want to learn how to love themselves
  2. People who bother about other people’s opinion
  3. People who take small and unimportant things seriously
  4. People who want to learn what self-improvement actually means
  5. People who want to learn what does success actually mean

Self-help books on time management and fear of change

Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

Are you a lazy person who avoids his task and keep on procrastinating? Are you the guy that regrets later that you didn’t finish that task on time?

Then the solution to that problem is a perfect plan which is absolutely tailored for you to achieve super productivity like a superhuman.

A 21 step formula which is very simple as it gets. A one-liner for this book can be “Simple and effective“.  This is the best book on how to avoid procrastination, the tricks told in this book are so practical and can easily be applied by anyone.

I don’t think I have read a more practical book on time management than this particular book. It is a gem in itself and a must-read for people who give excuses for time management.

Suggested for people

  1. People who don’t have goals
  2. People who have time management issues
  3. People who procrastinate a lot
  4. People who want to be highly successful people in live

Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson

How difficult for you a change can be? Whether to work at a new place or trying something new, how do we react?

We, humans, have the tendency to resist change and we are not willing to get out of our comfort zone. There is a great saying

                                           You won’t know it will work or not if you don’t try

Who moved my cheese is a masterpiece book on how to deal with changes and getting out of the comfort zone. This is a short book written in a story manner which teaches us how “Change is a part of life”.

This book really taught me that you can only grow when you embrace changes in your life. There are always great opportunities available but to grab those opportunities you have to leave your comfort zone and move ahead.

The short story has 4 characters which you can very well relate to people around you and will feel connected to how they behave.

I think this book should be read by every human present on the planet because we as humans fear changes a lot and don’t see changes as they should be.

Just imagine how would you feel when you welcome the changes which come your way and turning out them into great opportunities. This book educates us on how to look at changes that happen in life. How not to avoid it and how to embrace the changes. This is a short read but will teach you something really big.

A simple read of literally 96 pages but will tell you some great lessons for a lifetime. Enjoy this book as it will change you on how to look at changes and transform your life.

When you will read this book you will literally understand that there is an actual need for these type of books in today’s world and this book can’t miss out when I suggest a list of top 10 self help books for men to read which is needed for the current generation.

Suggested for people

  1. People who fear taking new opportunities
  2. People who fear to get out of their comfort zones
  3. People who think changing something can be disastrous


Self-improvement book to gain people skills

 How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie 

The best for the last.

A complete masterpiece in the list of top self help books for men. People skills is something required by everyone to become a gentleman.

Remember, earlier in the list I talked about a list of top 5 influential personal development books, this one also makes it to the list.

Have you been struggling to deal with people and convince them?

Are you fed of people finding you rude even if you are not?

Well! Hakuna-ma-tata. All your above problems will be solved when you read this book which is el-Classico on people skills.

This book is authored by a man who is known as “The father of public speaking” and has changed the lives of millions of people by his books.

I have just 4 words to describe this and those 4 words are “This book is magical

When you apply the principles of this book in your life, you can just see the magic happening in your life, in the way you deal with the relationships.

There are some books which change your perspective and this is one of those life-changing books which have changed the lives of millions of people.

I have a habit of following book recommendation from great personalities on which book they read and once I came across an interview of Mr Warren Buffet where he mentioned that he has a frame of Dale Carnegie Workshop today in his office and that workshop on public speaking has changed his life.

When the world’s 3rd richest man talks like that how can I not include this book in the best self help books for men read list?

Do you know Why?

Because of the simple way it has been written. The book is so simple yet very effective.

It has been a complete best-seller for almost more than 80 years. Still one of the best selling books of all time.


Search the term “best self help books for men” on google and you will find this book on the list because it is so very effective, people gift it to their dear ones so that they can improve their relationships as well as people skills.

The book is also used by people who are into sales because they also need to influence people for the product they are selling.

It teaches you about the simple techniques you can use in your daily lives which you often neglect to make people around you, your fan.

(Fun fact: This book was the first self-improvement book which I bought for myself)

This is one of all time amazon bestseller and definitely one of the must-read books in people skills, sales, influencing and many more categories

This book reveals us small secrets and tips, that we know for sure but due to our sheer negligence and ignorance we don’t follow and that is what is making us lag from other people.

This book tells us how we ignore small things in life, which when taken into consideration can completely change the kind of relationship you have with people.


1. Not using but, while convincing someone

2. Always call the person by his/her name, as the name to a person is the sweetest sound

3. Appreciating people honestly, based on their core values …and many more.

I won’t speak more, because a great book speaks for itself.

Read this book once, and I am sure you will definitely become a fan of Mr Dale Carnegie.

A guy once told, a person who hasn’t read this book has committed a sin and I think he was true, why because this book will tell you small things which we often neglect in our lives but if corrected can enhance our people skills to an extreme level.

The best ever book written on people skills and how to master it. Try the principles as said in these books and take action. This book will make you more loveable and people will start liking your company.

I hope you liked the article about what I think are some best self help books for men of all time. Trust me, your life will be changed forever if you implement even 5% of things told in these books.

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