Hello Guys, welcome to The Improvement Terminal. This post is about songs that will charge you when you are low  

Self-Help can be done from the various resources available to us and songs are one of those great resources. One of my friends told me this idea that listening to his favourite songs early in the morning used to charge him up for the complete day and he used to be fully energized all day long, I tried this trick it worked for me as well. You people should also try out this I am sure this will help you also.

So coming to the list of songs that will charge you

  • When you are thinking too much of what the society will think of me or what would people say – Listen to “Kuch to log kahenge” by Kishore Kumar which tells us that if we will keep on thinking about what others will think we will forget to enjoy our lives. Listen to this song once and you will keep humming this song all day. This is a go-to-go song in my playlist.
  • When you failed temporarily and are not motivated to start again – Listen to “Zindagi ki Yahi reet hai“ also by Kishore Kumar. A song conveying a message that to get successful and make it a long lasting success one has to fail certain times because success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences.
  • When you are low on Self-Confidence – Listen to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. This song will charge you to the core. After listening to this song you will feel an infinite source of energy present inside you. You will start to feel that you can achieve anything in the world. some other mentions: Dangal theme song from Dangal movie and Zinda Hai Toh from Bhaag Milka Bhaag
  • When you are feeling life is full of problems / nervous – Bhaiya  “All Izz Well’. From one of my favourite movies “3 idiots”. An all-time favourite of many people. This song “All izz Well” spreads a message on how to fool your heart so that you have enough courage to face difficult situations.
  • To know about life – Listen to “Zindagi kaisi hai peheli” by Manna Dey. This song tell us that life is full of ups and downs. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen but it’s a parcel of life sometimes it makes you laugh and sometimes it makes you cry.
  • To love your life – Listen to “Love you Zindagi”  by Amit Trivedi and Jasleen Royal. The lyrics in itself conveys a message that we should not blackmail our present to get a beautiful future. Jo dil ko lage usse keh do Hi hi and jo na lage usse keh do Bye Bye, Such is the way we should deal with life.

Thanks for reading and start to listen to these charging songs and energize yourself.

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