Self improvement is a topic that is surrounded by a lot of questions.

Most people ask what does self improvement mean to you or who do you compare to find the meaning of improvement.

I tell them “Why to compare yourself with anybody else?“, it is you who is improving, compare yourself today with who you were yesterday, it will help you introspect and analyze your progress.

Self-Improvement is all about upgrading yourself to your better version, where you take control of your life by taking the initiative of moving on the journey 0f improving yourself by making progress and bettering the results to achieve what you always desired in your lives.

Comparing yourself with anybody else is the key point in “A foolish man’s guide to permanent failure“.

As an avid reader, I have read a lot of self improvement books, to be precise more than 60 books.

Trust me, there is no better thing than improving yourself and getting all the results you always wanted in your life.

This is a self improvement blog and through this blog as a medium, I want to share all the self improvement tips that I have got in my bag, that have helped me to reach where I am today.

The idea of starting this blog came to my mind when I understood that people, especially in India, require to change their personality to bring lot of opportunities in their life and this could only happen when they would change the way they improve themselves.

Self improvement deals with many subtopics of mindset, personal finance, health, relationship, etc. It is all about the level you want to upgrade yourself. 

FAQ Section

Self Improvement is improving yourself from who you were yesterday and who you are today.It involves a comparison of yourself with only you. Continuously
It depends totally on you.If you don't do anything different today, you will be getting the same results that you were getting till now.

Meaning of Self Improvement

I am a guy who has always believed in improving myself by focusing on self-learning and reading books. People usually on Quora and Instagram ask me what actually is the meaning of self improvement for you or what does self-improvement actually mean to you?

Self-Improvement has always meant for me to be someone better today compared to what I was yesterday.

I take life as a whole, which consists of all the fundamental pillars like mindset, health, wealth, relationship, and happiness.

Reading has been a life-changing self-improvement habit for me. I have learned from books, that you can be successful only when you take the initiative of doing something. Continuously moving and improving yourself.

This blog is also a part of my self-improvement journey. I understood that Self improvement is never-ending process, it is a continuous process and therefore, I named this blog The Improvement Terminal, a sarcastic name to it.

Following is a strategy that I developed so that I can apply it in my life and develop a rapid transformation…

Trust me, you can also bring out a rapid transformation in your lives.

All you just need to do is follow and apply what you read, below is how I do that

Meaning of self-improvement



3 best books on self improvement

This strategy is made from 3 books (Atomic Habits, The Compound Effect and The subtle art of not giving a fuck)

Ideas that I liked and took from these books are

Atomic habits

Habits are things that make or break people. Good habits make you, bad habits break you.

With self-discipline and will power you can make good habits and make the below 1% rule apply in your favor.

1% rule (also known as the habit of tiny grains) You need to be 1% better today from the previous day and in this manner, if you do it continuously for 365 days, you will be 37 times better compared to when you started.

Just imagine how this 1% daily can create a long-lasting impact. If you earn 100 Rs a day now and improve it by 1% daily for a year you will earn 3700 Rs daily after 365 days. Just see the impact.

Put a price tag to everything like an investor. An investor always thinks about how he can get the best ROI(Return on investment) or the best rate of return on the thing he invests.

So from now on, the duty is yours to ask yourself will this action be beneficial for me in the long run or not.

The example can be

Taking stairs rather than the elevator

Eating healthy food instead of junk food or sweet food

Reading a book rather than watching a disgusting youtube videos

These small actions daily will make you better in the upcoming 5 years where you will be ahead of most of your friends and colleagues.


The subtle art of not giving a fuck

There is a difference between achievements and success.

Let us suppose there are 3 points A, B, and C.

For a person living in A – B and C are destinations or his goals.

When he reaches from A to B, it is an achievement for him and not a success.

Success is not a one-time event, an achievement is a one-time event.

Success comes from improving yourself, bettering yourself every day.

We should always be happy in the journey or the process rather than in the destination because the destination keeps on changing, but the journey remains the same.

We have always believed that happiness comes from reaching destinations but the truth is happiness is eternal. It always comes from the memories of the struggles, hard work, resilience that you have done to get to the destination and improving yourself

Looking for a positive experience is itself a negative experience and looking for a negative experience is itself a positive experience.

For eg: Your destination is to get a 6 pack abs body which is a positive experience for you but if you are not ready to be happy in the process of going to the gym for months (which is a negative experience) to develop the body you won’t achieve success in this. You will never be happy

Therefore always be happy in the journey and look out for negative experiences.


The Compound Effect 

Your transformation is totally dependent on the choices you make and the habits you have.

The power of compounding applies not only to money but in every aspect of your life. Your health, wealth, relations, mindset, etc.. your success is not determined by a single big decision but by the small choices, habits, and decisions you have in your life.

So good and effective tiny choices and habits can make a large chunky thing very simple.

The 1% rule is an in-built on the compound effect and the compound effect applies everywhere, therefore, it is you who can take absolute benefit of the compound effect and make a fortune for yourself.


A great video on self-improvement


So a combined concept which I develop from the combo of these three books to introspect your self-improvement journey.

I make sure today, I become a 1% better version in my life from the previous day, making tiny but good effective choices and habits that will combine to create long-lasting impact meanwhile I also enjoy my self-improvement journey happily without worrying about the destination.

I am very grateful to all the people who love this self improvement blog so much and also for the appreciation they give.

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