As we all know this interview series is about inspiring people to do what they love and break the conventional way of living out for mediocrity.

Today we have with us Krishna Rathi.

Krishna Rathi, a man possessing many talents. I wished to interview him on this blog because he inspired me with his art. I am sure, you would also be inspired after reading this complete interview, so stay there till the end…

Interview Question with Krishna Rathi

Something professional with Krishna Rathi

Arjun: Krishna Rathi is a CA finalist, Certified Ethical Hacker, Artist, Graphic designer, hyper-realistic sketch maker, photographer, brand strategist, the Video Concept head at Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival.

I am tired of reading out the professions now. Well, I have nicknamed you Leonardo Da Vinci, and that is for obvious reasons. Tell me the secret behind your versatility. I am sure readers would really get inspired by knowing that thing?

Krishna Rathi: Thank you for this extraordinary Title! I love being dynamic. Dynamic with my profession, my hobbies, and trends.

You never come to know what you are good at unless you experiment. I’m doing the same. I don’t want to regret
few years down the line of not experimenting with my passion.

Arjun: What lines Krishna, I loved the last line and the kind of work you are doing currently I am sure you will be a social media star soon.  Can you tell us the journey of Krishna Rathi: A man from a profession to a man following his passion.

Krishna: Application of professional knowledge into passion is what makes me stand out. I’m managing both 🙂

Arjun: Tell us something about Rad Art Media, how it started what it does and what is your role in particular in RAM, how long have you been with RAM?

Krishna Rathi: Radhika has been my artist manager for almost a year now and I could see the growth in my art career. Letting a professional do their job helped me to focus on my creativity more. We realized the need for Artist management, Event/workshop facilitation, and Art career counselling as well! This made us start RAM in January 2020. I am the Creative Director at RAM.


Krishna Rathi on different art forms


Hyper-realism art form

Arjun:  Define what is hyper-realism for the readers who are reading this term for the first time, how did you come to know about this and what made you start this genre.

Krishna Rathi: Hyper-realism is where you notice every single detail-say, the skin grains or even clothing texture. It’s a combination of patience, practice, and perfection.When I started drawing, I was looking for a benchmark and realized to step ahead of normal sketching. Hyperrealism is not less than meditation for me. It keeps me engaged straight 10 hours of drawing also! Imagine the focus level I’m improving with this.

 Some hyper-realism art of Krishna



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 On concept art

Arjun: I am a super big fan of your concept art, Dhoni, Amazon, the Rape one and now I see it almost every day on
Instagram and it leaves me completely fascinated. Just tell me how the concept art idea originated in your brain. I
know it is going crazy viral-like more than 1 million impressions.

Krishna Rathi: I’m a person who follows essentialism. I love to communicate. And that’s what I’m doing right now- communicating maximum with only essential lines.

Arjun:  Some tips for people who want to become a concept artist

Krishna: Observe. Observe more. Observe the most. Put your art at the right time because it connects with the emotions of the people!


Some best concept art of Krishna Rathi


Arjun: How did the idea of shifting to digital art come to your mind?

Krishna: You have to gear up always with recent trends. Digital art is going crazy! I’m doing the same.
You never know, I might enter into some new art form to keep up the trend. If I don’t, I’ll get out of the competition.

Arjun: Of all the artistic work you have done until now, which one is your personal favourite and why?

Krishna: The one which was made on Father’s Day in 2017. The sketch is titled as “The Superhero.”  A grandfather is teaching his grandson to “Fight back.” I love my Dadaji! I miss him :’)


Something personal with Krishna Rathi

This is my favourite question which I ask everyone I interview. What do you think is one core value or the personality trait in you that has brought you where you are today?

Krishna: Presentation skills. This world is very fast! If you can’t present yourself in the given time, Man! You are gone. Some people term it overconfidence, I call it smartness.

Arjun: How does it feel when somebody steals your content and doesn’t give you the credit. I am aware of the fact
that it happened with you with the Dhoni thing and I want you to advise the readers on why this thing is really not
good to steal someone’s creativity.

Krishna: Ideas are original. Extraordinary ideas pop up only once in a while after an experience of thousands of scrapped designs. We can’t stop people though- They can steal your design but not the creative brain 😉

Arjun: Success has a different meaning for everyone. How does Krishna Rathi define success for him?

Krishna: I can coin this term only when I see it!

Arjun: One quote Krishna Rathi lives by?


Multitasking is not doing multiple things, it is simply doing one thing at a time, multiple times of the day

Arjun: Suppose, if you had the power to tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

Krishna: You have done the best till now. Just keep going !

Arjun: What are your future plans?

Krishna: I will continue with Cybersecurity in the financial world.
Also, Art things will never stop. The only plan is to effectively grab opportunities after calculating opportunity costs.


A tale of 2 friends: Krishna Rathi and Divyansh Mundra

Arjun: I have interviewed Divyansh Mundra as well on this blog. You are great friends and roommates as well. Can
you share how you guys met each other and how has the journey been till now

Krishna: We were hostel-mates before and the same belongs to a unit where CA turned Artist! Our room has two beautiful corners. One with all the books and others with all the paintings. We keep discussing creative ideas and breakup’s :p

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Arjun: I learned that you were the one who designed the cover for The Secret of the Himalayan treasure. I just
wanted to say amazing cover. Would you like to get more book cover designing offers in the future?

Krishna: Thank you, Arjun! Definitely, name any creative thing and I would jump into it. I enjoy the process. So, would definitely love to do more or book cover designs for sure.


Krishna Rathi on Criticism and social media…

Arjun: When your art revolves around current trends, I have observed you face hate and criticism, especially in
politics. What is your experience, something you want to share?

Krishna: I have to be Unpolitically unbiased when it comes to concept art. Opinions are subjective so I won’t call it
hatred. It’s just the difference in opinion which I consider as constructive criticism. This helps me improve!

Arjun: You have a great following on Quora as well. You must have great fans on Quora. Want to share something
memorable about it?

Krishna: A pregnant lady asked me to contact my mother to ask what should she eat and routine to be followed to have a son like Krishna Rathi!

Arjun: Okay share with me how it feels when your content goes viral, people share it, people love what you do. You
inspire people and they connect with you emotionally. How does it feel

Krishna: It feels like “The purpose is solved.”

Arjun:  I am sure you are aware of the power of social media. It has made people millions and also brought them
fame for some it has also brought them down. Leveraging social media is the best thing you can do today. Tell me
the importance it has played in your life?

Krishna: I would stick to the same answer. Keeping up yourself with the trend. Social media is trending nowadays. Global boundaries are extinguished and you have access to the right audience. If you aren’t using it wisely then you aren’t wise!


Krishna Rathi on Time management and multi-tasking

Arjun: Saw your time-management videos on YouTube. Well, I have understood one thing, you won’t teach
someone in a conventional or a mainstream manner. The videos were very impactful with an unconventional
approach. When did you realize the importance of time in your life

Krishna: All credits to my mom who is en efficient planner and all credits to my dad who is an efficient executor.
I was taught time management since childhood.

Arjun: What does multi-tasking mean to Mr Krishna Rathi?

Krishna: Multi-tasking is a myth. Your brain can’t process multiple things at the same time. It’s just doing multiple things at multiple time slots with effective replanting. Cumulatively, it looks multitasking!

Krishna’s Youtube Video


Krishna Rathi on struggles and hustle

Arjun: No man becomes successful without challenges. What are the challenges you have faced, because of how you
overcome your challenges is what inspires the people who follow you?

Krishna: I had faced many difficulties last year. Just had one thing in my mind I have to make challenges into opportunities. You just can’t cry over present challenges because you never know what would come up in the future!
It prepares you mentally which is very important.

Arjun: How to deal with tough times when you think, things are not going your way. How do you deal with such

Krishna: I step back and rethink my strategies. It’s okay to step back! Then only you start trying out new things.

Arjun: What has been that one thing, you have always looked for at times in your life when you were low?

Krishna: Someone you have faith on. In my case, it has always been my Dadaji!

Arjun: What’s something you are really good at, that few people know about?

Krishna: Cooking & Managing people


Krishna Rathi’s advice for teenager

Arjun: Advice for people who are interested to become an artist or make a career in art. What should they do? How
should they seek out opportunities

Krishna: Just be consistent and keep exploring. A strong academic backup will give you confidence. And we need that because, in India, art career is very risky and an unconventional path.

Arjun: Some super-duper crucial advice for the young teenagers who want to follow their passion like. Tell them
something they should look upon?

Krishna: Don’t leave your basic education. You might not like your parent’s decision but you can’t hate their intentions. You are living in a society and not in a vacuum. Society demands basic education and it’s really helpful. Just be consistent and keep improving your benchmarks with respect to your passion. Your benchmarks will help you imagine the future and when you imagine the future, you get your vision clear. Gear up with the trends but don’t stick to them permanently. Because everything is temporary- your success, your failures and the people around you also. Be strong, be hungry and be YOU. You are extraordinary. Mind it, YOU are EXTRAORDINARY.

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