Interviewing Divyansh Mundra, a handsome Quora Star, who made me his fan through his mind-boggling suspense writing, a Quora Top Writer who has a fan base of more than 70000 followers, a TEDx speaker and an author of 2 best-selling books, “The Secret of the Himalayan Treasure” and “Gangs of Bombay

Divyansh Mundra Quora following is crazy, I mean he has more than 70K followers but I have seen all the efforts that he has put in. He advised me to write daily and following his suggestion, I have started getting results.

Divyansh Mundra

Interview with Divyansh Mundra

Something personal with Divyansh

Arjun: Divyansh, everyone knows you as a very popular Quoran (I have seen my friends referring Divyansh Mundra from Quora) and also as the author of books – “The Secret of the Himalayan Treasure”, and “Gangs of Bombay”, please tell us something about you that many people don’t know about?

Divyansh: Wrote a better part of SOTHT by taking a long fake sick leave from the place I was interning at. I wrote a better part of GOB on my phone because I had my CA Final exams coming and couldn’t take the laptop out in front of my parents. Haha.

Arjun: Had you ever imagined in your wildest dreams that Divyansh Mundra – a TEDx speaker and a best-selling author of 2 books ( and hopefully many more). Can you express how you felt while you achieve those titles

Below is the TED talk of Divyansh Mundra

Divyansh: A brief reflection of how far I’ve come in such a short time and thinking a lot about where I now want to go. Sprinkle some celebration in between.

Arjun: Please share your journey from a guy doing CA to a best-selling author.

Divyansh: I’ll summarise. I didn’t want to do CA but no other option. Quora happened. Huge following and viral content happened. Saw possibilities and jumped at the first opportunity I could grab. I became a Bestselling author even before CA. Everything kinda worked out.

Divyansh Mundra on writing books

Arjun: Which one is closer to your heart “SOTHT” or “Gangs of Bombay”. Please tell me why and also your favourite part of that book.

Divyansh: SOTHT will be special because it’s the first one. But GOB is closer to heart because the protagonist is an exaggerated version of myself. I also think that some of the last few chapters are the finest pieces that I’ve written so far.

Arjun: What do you think is the most difficult part of being a writer?

Divyansh: Breaking out. Making your works visible. Making your voice heard. Writing is passion, so it is fun. But figuring out how to make money out of that is a task.

Arjun: Some tips for people who want to write suspense thriller stories like you. What skills they should focus on and how should they go forward.

Divyansh: There’s no formula. It’s about knowing your strengths as a writer. A hack is to think of the plot twists first and mould the events in your story to achieve that. Keep it fast-paced 🙂

Arjun: I am a big fan of your suspense writing. While reading Gangs of Bombay, I couldn’t predict what is going to happen next. Just tell me how do you write such amazing things?

Divyansh: The trick is that even I don’t plan the stories ahead of time. I like to create plot on the go— so if I’m at Chapter 1, I know what’ll happen in Chapter 2 or 3, but nothing ahead. This puts me in the reader’s shoes and they don’t see the plot twists coming because even I didn’t see them when I was writing.

Divyansh Mundra on Social Media

Arjun: You are a star on Quora and must have seen and observed many things. Tell us your funniest Quora Story.

Divyansh: Online proposals have now become quite frequent. But there are some times when I check the name after reading the messages and turns out they’re from guys. I have quite some hilarious screenshots. Hahaha.

Arjun: Did you ever googled yourself, what is the best thing you have read about you?

Divyansh: There was a poll on a woman’s website asking if they find Divyansh Mundra from Quora hot. Also, my search suggestions include Divyansh Mundra’s net worth’. I’m like even I don’t know XD

Arjun: Hahaha, well that was really funny. Maybe, people, you think you are very high on the bank balance. Divyanhs, tell me one thing you love to do in your free time?

Divyansh: Binge-watch TV shows/ Travel & hiking.

Divyansh Mundra on Self-Improvement and life advice

Arjun: This is my favourite question which I ask everyone I interview. What do you think is one core value or personality trait in you that has brought you where you are today?

Divyansh: I was a shy kid while growing up and I loved being invisible in the crowd. Then some time ago I said to myself— “I’m done sitting in the crowd and clapping for others. It’s my time to get on stage and hear the applause.”

This changed everything for me.

Arjun: Wow, what a line. Truly an inspiration quote, people will be What has been that one thing, you have looked for at times in your life when you were low?

Divyansh: Dreams. Just focusing on where I wanna be and not letting my ambitions fade away.

Arjun: No successful man becomes successful without struggles and challenges. You might have faced some as well. I want you to tell your struggle to the readers because, in self-improvement, the struggling journey of someone becomes an inspiration for others.

Divyansh: While I don’t like to mention the struggles online— there have been a lot. Self-doubt. Self-hatred. Heartbreaks. Uncertainties. Rejections. Online harassment and bullying. Incessant trolling. Oh, there have been a lot. I just like to look at the bright side.

Arjun: Suppose, if you had the power to tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

Divyansh: The world won’t believe you till you start believing in yourself.

Arjun: How Divyansh Mundra define success for him?

Divyansh: Doing something different and going to sleep with a smile on your face.

Divyansh Mundra on Favourite Books, publishing and other hobbies

Arjun: I am sure you must have read a lot of books. I want you to share some of your favourites and what do you like about that particular book

Divyansh: The Hounds of the Baskervilles. There is a reason Sherlock Holmes is the most popular fictional character of all time. The genius of AC Doyle in this Holmes adventure is beyond amazing. I want to write about that level of fiction.

Arjun: How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have? When can we expect your next book? And also future plans what your followers can expect in the near future.

Divyansh: One unfinished epic-fantasy that I actually started writing before SOTHT but haven’t been able to complete (it’s almost at 150,000+ words). I’m working on 2 more novels. Don’t know when they’ll be out.

Arjun: What are the publishing challenges that authors face when they want to publish their books? What is better publishing through a publishing house or self-publishing?

Divyansh: Publishing houses (not Vanity which ask you to pay) are always better. But there is more control and more royalties in self-publishing if you know how you’re gonna sell your books.

Arjun: What’s something you are really good at, that few people know about?

Divyansh: Writing romance. I don’t post them online 😛

Divyansh Mundra’s advice for the current teenagers

Arjun: You dropped your CA to pursue your passion for writing. I want you to give some advice to the current teenagers on what they should do regarding their passion if their parents are not supporting them.

Divyansh: Do not drop out just because you want to run away. I had the courage to take this leap only because I had proved to me and my family and I’m good at what I’m doing and that I can make a living out of it. So if you have a hobby you’re passionate about— pursue it along with your career. So cut off that extra time of slacking off and gossiping and instead work hard on your passion. You’ll be happy.

FAQ about Divyansh Mundra

Divyansh Mundra is a fictional author of 2 best-selling books "The Secret of the Himalayan Treasure" and "Gangs of Bombay". Divyansh is also a Quora influencer (a Top writer) with a massive fan following of more than 70k followers.Divyansh recently gave a TED talk at IIFT Delhi.Check out the video on YouTube
Divyansh's book is available on Amazon and you can buy it from there.
The Hounds of the Baskervilles

Thank you for Interviewing with us. I hope your answer inspires people reading this blog and that it brings about a change in their life and add value as well.

Divyansh Mundra has recently started making great YouTube videos where he covers honest Indian rants topics like Indians in Lockdown, Indians in hostels, etc

Below is one of my favourite rants from Divyansh. Watch it out and you will start rolling on the floor with laughter.

I am following him on Quora and Instagram, and recently I got to know that he has written a web series story which will be out soon, so be prepared I am expecting it to be something mind-blowing like his book.

To conclude, I will definitely suggest you read Divyansh Mundra’s book as it has a lot of suspense and thrill in it and you will really admire the type of work he has done.

If you want to know what books I read and recommend, please click here.

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