Have you been fed up of the fear of going on stage, are you trying to build your personal brand? Today I have a personality with me who is inspiring people to learn public speaking and effective speaking as well as how to build their personal brand. Please welcome Inspirominds Vinay Kumar aka selfmadevinay.

Vinay Kumar is a digital entrepreneur who is teaching people all the above things leveraging social media as a tool.

Interview with Inspiromnids Vinay Kumar

First of all, thank you so much Vinay for taking out time and interviewing with us. This blog has been lucky to have some great and inspiring interviewees like Dipanshu Rawal, Rohit Kashyap, Divyansh Mundra and now you.

You have started something great, which is inspiring a lot of people and you are changing people’s lives.


Inspirominds Vinay Kumar

Something professional with Inspirominds Vinay Kumar

Arjun: Vinay, tell us something about you as I want people to know about your story? Where do you come from and how all this public speaking thing started?

Vinay:  Hey Everyone.

I’m Vinay Kumar from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. I did my Schooling from Maitri Vidya Niketan, Bhilai. Basically, I belong from a small village called Machandur which is 20 KM far away from Bhilai.

In 2017 I shifted to Bhilai living here on rent for further education. Currently, I’m a B.com Final year student.

My journey as a Public Speaker began when I was in class 12th where I delivered my first ever speech on Republic day. A memorable day when I crossed over the walls of stage fear, being afraid of “what will people say”, not able to express myself in front of 2-3 people.

After my schooling, I joined a Network marketing company which was my life’s turning point.

I used to sell software to people and convince them to buy it. Here I came to know about sales and marketing, also developed convincing skills, negotiating skills. This process enhanced my public speaking by organizing networking sessions with my team at such a young age.

After facing a lot of rejections and failures this thing made me stronger and taught me

NO means “Next Opportunity”

Along with my college every weekend I took sessions with my team, addressing new people, follow-up on a consistent basis which increased my inner potential and gave me visions in my life. It also taught me the importance of Dreams and Mentor in life.


The reason for starting Inspiominds

After 1.5 years of my joining, the Network Marketing company collapsed. It was very difficult for me to answer the queries of my teammates. At last, I was left with 8 people along with my younger brother, but I did not give up and said: “let’s move on together and bring out some revolutionary change in society”.

By following my passion for Public interaction and public speaking on November 19, 2019, I came up with INSPIROMINDS Community. At Inspirominds, I started training people on how to be an effective public speaker and how to build a personal brand.

We are now 8 people working with a mission to create unlimited leaders across the nation. Therefore, I started making videos on a daily basis which helped me a lot to improve my way of presenting. This also build my confidence in speaking in front of the camera. I now started speaking fluently, all these things helped me to build my social personal brand.


How Inspirominds Vinay Kumar defines himself

Arjun: If I ask you to define Vinay Kumar, how will you define him?

Vinay: Vinay Kumar is a 21-year old Entrepreneur, a Public Speaker, and a Mentor. From a shy person, having no Support, I took the initiative to do something remarkable. Today I have built my own Empire of 8 people, now running my own “Inspirominds” community.


It’s better to fail today rather than regretting later on.


3 phases in Inspirominds Vinay Kumar life

Arjun: Vinay, in one of your Instagram videos you mentioned the different phases of life as a middle-class entrepreneur. Please share your journey and inspire our readers.

Vinay: Ok there are 3 phases of my Life.

First Phase: When I took the decision to do something extra with my studies like attending a seminar, doing public speaking, training people, building a team, organizing events and many more. My parents didn’t support me, coaching restrictions, relative’s comments were like “Tu Bolke kya kar lega, kuch ni hoga isse”.

People used to laugh at me, on my work and my vision. When I used to go for speaking assignments every college, school and institute used to reject me by saying “You are a student having no degree, we can’t allow you”

Second Phase: My father lost faith in me because I was doing something extra apart from my college, coaching and chartered accountant studies but still I kept the side hustle and kept on moving because you can’t explain everything. Results, your work, and achievements speak for you.

Third Phase:  I never gave up on my dream, my passion, and my vision to inspire others. A day came when I started getting appreciation, calls, lots of DM on social media, people started recognizing me. The coaching which was not supportive they used to provide a car for me to go and take sessions for them. My father now calls me and says “Beta, there is one school nearby this village will you come and guide the students over there”.


One thing to always remember from the Inspriominds founder


Remember guys first people laugh on you, they will criticize you, comments behinds you but when you don’t give and keep on working those people will only come and will say “yr hume to pata tha ye ek din kuch aisa kar jaiga”.


 Inspriominds Vinay Kumar on how Inspirominds originate?

Arjun: I really like the name “Inspirominds”, please share how this name originated?

Vinay: Inspirominds have been made by two words Inspire and Minds. It means to Inspire the Minds of Youth.

As we are a group of youngsters doing something extra apart from our formal education. We help visionary people to grow and develop. While also helping them to achieve their goals, dreams and making them a good leader in life.

Vinay Kumar on Mentorship

Arjun: I want you to share your thoughts on why you as a mentor of so many people think “effective communication and public speaking is so important.”

Vinay:  Public speaking, as well as effective communication, is very essential to get recognition from everyone. Both play a very crucial role in everyone’s life. Public speaking and effective communication give one a unique identity over the crowd.

It is better to be the reason for the crowd rather than being a part of it

90% of people don’t work on their speaking skills. There are only 10% of good speakers in the world. So if you start working on your speaking skills, ‘YOU ARE ALREADY AHEAD OF SO MANY OTHERS’.

It isn’t easy to make people listen to you, capture their attention. It takes continuous efforts and practices for a speaker to be accepted by all types of audiences. Effective Communication skills are required in every sector because whatever we do a job, go for business, we have to communicate with people, so this one of the very important skills which everyone has to understand.

Arjun: You yourself are a mentor to lots and lots of people, tell us why a mentor is so much required in life

Vinay: Mentor is important in everyone’s life. There are a lot of people who want to do something good in their life but due to lack of mentorship and lack of guidance, they aren’t able to do so.

I am giving guidance and directing everyone to achieve their goals in their life. This makes me really feel proud that people are recognizing me as their mentor.


Inspriominds Vinay Kumar on why developing a personal brand is so important

Arjun: What is the importance of a Personal Brand today and how powerful it can be in this current era?

Vinay: Personal Branding is very important as it creates individual identity on social media. It gives you recognition, it builds reputation and goodwill as well.

If someone is going to buy something from you or hire you these days, they are probably going to look for you online, be it Google, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

This is the new background check. It’s very important that you regularly create and share your own content online. In that manner, you show that you take initiative and can get worthwhile things done on your own.

Smart people and innovative companies today want to work with top performers. Also, they are willing to pay a premium price for skilled talent and expertise that can get measurable results.

It’s not enough to tell others that you’re good at what you do, you need to prove it. It can be done through a digital portfolio and case study. Show people what you have accomplished in the past and exactly what you have to offer.

Inspirominds Vinay Kumar


Arjun: What were some of the biggest lessons that have impacted the way that you work? What was the lesson, and what was it like before and after?

Vinay: The biggest lesson as it is shown in our tag line Be the best version of ourselves. The world is full of players so you need to be the Game Changer.

Earlier I was a person who didn’t even know the proper definition of Dream vision and goal. But now I’m giving others a Dream, Vision and helping others to bring out the best version of themselves.


Something personal with Inspirominds Vinay Kumar


What Inspirominds Vinay Kumar feels about providing value

Arjun: Seen the testimonials of 3 people already and I am sure even more testimonials are on its way. How do you feel when you see people appreciate what you do?

Vinay: There was a time when I used to get calls only from my family member, relatives and few of my friends but every single day lots of DM in social media, calls, and emails for appreciation, guidance from all those people whom I don’t know but they know me from social media or through my videos.

 It is really priceless. When I listen to the changes that those people have in their life, read messages, get calls from lots of people whom I don’t know but by seeing the videos of mine they got some changes in their mindset and life as well because of me. It gives me more confidence to do more, work more and give more.


Inspirominds founder  Vinay Kumar on his struggles

Arjun: No man can be successful without challenges. Speak about some challenges you faced in your journey to where you are?

Vinay: As every entrepreneurial journey is full of rejection, failure, and criticism. It was the same with me during my initial stage. No support, no mentor, no guidance everything was blank.

Not knowing what should be my next step. Confused between what parents told me to do and what my dream pushes me to do.

For instance, I used to live with my younger brother after my class 12 we made food for us, there was a time too when we used to have only Parle G for dinner.

Arjun: Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Vinay: My biggest inspirations are my Mom and Dad. They work day night hard just for us to provide necessities, feed us, educate us and give us everything without thinking a single second.

Inspirominds Vinay Kumar



How does Inspirominds founder Vinay Kumar define success


Arjun: How does Inspirominds Vinay Kumar define success for him?

Vinay: For me, success is when I bring about the mindset shift in everyone that they have the power to do something remarkable. To make them a winner in their life. Make them capable and deserving enough that their parents should feel proud of them.

Being an inspiration not only for my parents, not even for my friends but for the whole world.


Arjun: Suppose, if you had the power to tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

Vinay: I would like to say not to waste time in unproductive things rather invest it in your self-education. Invest in learning some new skills and getting new experiences. This thing at a young age increases your worth in the market and thus brings out more opportunities to your way.

Vinay Kumar on how does it feel to bring about that change

Arjun: You are aware that you are making a change to society and working for a greater cause. How does it feel like to bring that change?

Vinay: It really makes me feel very happy that people are giving me so much love and respect. And I’m committed to bringing out revolutionary changes across the nation. So that people not only focus on their formal education but Self-education can also make you successful.

Arjun: How does it feel like to try and contribute to changing people’s lives?

Vinay: It really feels awesome and gives me satisfaction in life as well. Adding value to other people’s lives and make them a winner in life is what I am committed to.

Arjun: You are a fan of great quotes. Share one of your favorites

Vinay: One of my favorite quotes is to

Live your life as most people won’t so that you can live the rest of your life as most people can’t.

Inspirominds vinay Kumar

 Achievements of Inspirominds Vinay Kumar 

Arjun: 8 Days, 20+ speeches, 3800+ attendees. Great achievement. Want to say something regarding this?

Vinay: I decided to do something big, to reach out to maximum people, to add values in their lives. On 28 December 2019, I along with two of my teammates Shuchita Sonwani and Kajal Sharma took up the mission to transform and motivate the lives of young learners.

On 29 December 2019 we reached out to 55+ coaching centers for speaking assignments, except one rest all rejected stating “you are a student with no degree”.. Can’t allow.

On 30 December 2019 again we reached out to 60+ coaching centers of nearby areas, luckily only one allowed us to conduct the session.

We pushed ourselves; we didn’t give up and moved on to private schools, they also refused.

I didn’t stop here, I along with my team went to government schools and private colleges, where finally we got a chance to speak and deliver our valuable content and this is how our journey began on 6 January 2020.

8 consecutive days 20+ sessions at 20 different schools and colleges in 20 different villages. I addressed 3800+ young learners.

It’s been rightly said that “MAGIC DOES HAPPEN WHEN YOU DON’T GIVE UP”. After these milestones, now we started getting calls from different schools and colleges for sessions.

Inspirominds Vinay Kumar on setting up a company

Arjun: People have great ideas, but they don’t know how to monetize or automate their idea. They eventually, get trapped spending long days working to monetizing it. Some tips you would like to give them to monetize and automate their ideas.

Vinay: The first and foremost thing is to take an initiative and implement the knowledge whatever they have.

Choose your niche, go deeper into that, do research and implement whatever you learn because if you will not do so you will be outdated and won’t be able to do something extraordinary being in-crowd.

Start putting out valuable content on a daily basis, quantity leads to quality that leads to monetizations in your area of expertise.


Inspirominds Vinay Kumar

Inspirominds Vinay Kumar on the requirement of a team

Arjun: Share your thoughts on “Do you think there is a requirement of a team or a person himself is sufficient enough to make things happen.”

Vinay: Yes, it is absolutely important to have a team because dreamwork, teamwork, and talent win the championship. I am very blessed to have all my teammates in my life as they always make me feel special. Also, they motivate me to do more.

Arjun: You are 21, and have a team of 11-12 people. At your age, people are either studying or searching for jobs. How does it feel that you are not one of them and creating opportunities for people by hiring them?

Vinay: All my teammates are a blessing in my life. They are my Strength and backbone of my community. I have Tushar, Shuchita, Kajal, Ram, Rahul, Prashant, Riya as my teammates. They all are amazing and passionate too. Whatever work I had allotted to them they all finished it up in time. And it really feels awesome helping others to become successful in their life.

Vinay Kumar on reading books

Arjun: You must be reading a lot of books. Tell the reader what books do Inspirominds Vinay Kumar reads?

Vinay: Some of my favorite books are Rich Dad Poor Dad, You Can Win, Think And Grow Rich, Business School.

Probably my favorite book among these will be You Can Win. From it, I learned that


Winners Don’t Do Different Things They Do Things Differently.


Vinay Kumar on Life advice and personality

Arjun: This is my favorite question which I ask everyone I interview. Some tips from Inspirominds Vinay Kumar. What do you think is the personality trait in you that has brought you where you are today?

Vinay: Most important is consistency, clarity about the goal, vision, and also the implementation of knowledge. Also, I try to grab every opportunity, because you never know which opportunity can take you from where to where.

Arjun: What’s something you are really good at, that few people know about or that you are not known for?

Vinay: In addition to Public Speaking, I am also good at influencing, and selling.

Arjun: What has been that one thing, you have looked for at times in your life when you were low?

Vinay: See above all it’s a truth that one day we all gonna die. Whenever I feel low I just think about my parent’s dreams that I have to fulfill.

Arjun: You are very young and still very mature. Therefore, one piece of advice that you want to give to current teen generation to do what they are passionate about?


  1. Work ethics should be the most important thing
  2. Use your time otherwise you gonna lose your time.
  3. Stop putting out DM in Girl’s inbox rather, make yourself capable and deserving enough.
  4. Invest your time, money also resources upon yourself as you are the biggest investment of your life.
  5. Take initiative, start sooner and get success sooner.

Instagram of Vinay Kumar

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