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I am a self-help writer on Q&A platform Quora and daily I receive lots and lots of questions asking the same damn thing, which is, how to motivate yourself, how to motivate yourself endlessly, how to make sure that you never lose motivation?

Some people need the motivation to work, some people need the motivation to study, some people need it for exercise and 1000 different questions of how to.

How to motivate yourself?

When I read the questions people ask me, it literally makes me realize that people don’t love what they do and that is why they require motivation.

To all the beautiful people reading this amazing post, I just want to ask all of you a question.

Suppose you come home tired from your job feeling you have no energy left.  You see your friends at home and they ask you to get ready to play your favourite sports with them.

What will you do?

I am damn sure, you will be ready in a minute with the full amount of energy.

Now, understand why that was possible and why did you get ready in a minute?

You got ready in a minute because you love the sport. You would play despite being tired because you love the task, you enjoy it and also because it refreshes you.

The sport rejuvenates you while playing that is why you didn’t require motivation for it.

This happens to me when someone asks me about playing cricket, no matter how tired I am, I will definitely play.

The same will happen when people will ask you about something you love and are passionate about it.

To understand this, I took a survey on my Instagram poll asking the same question, below is the screenshot of the poll results.


You can see in the below screenshot that 93% of the people have voted for yes and the 7% of people who have voted for No.

If you don’t love what you do, you are not doing justice to your life

How to motivate yourself


Asking the right question

Coming to the actual question “how to motivate yourself endlessly

Do you really think you need motivation every time to work or to study?

Do you think you are asking the right question of motivating yourself?

Motivation means a motive to take action.

Motive means a reason for doing something. When you talk about motivating yourself to do something, you are asking the reason for doing that something?

This can’t get more complex, you don’t know the reason because you don’t have the clarity why that goal or task is important.

Motivation is the external factor or reason behind doing something whereas Inspiration is the inner desire to achieve something or to accomplish something.

Inspiration drives the emotions in you which are connected to the clear vision behind doing something.

To motivate yourself you will always require some external factor that is why I feel motivation is bullshit therefore, you should get inspired by the reason for your goal.

Identify the clear reason, feel the emotions and fire in you and work hard.

Trust me, 90% of the people do not have a clear reason or purpose behind doing a particular task and that is what leads to procrastination.

So when you procrastinate it is just because you are don’t have a clear reason or purpose, you think you require external energy.

So in that case, the first and foremost thing you have to do is get self-aware.

Make yourself aware. Ask the reason behind doing each and everything.

Why I am doing this thing? Is it so important?

Why is it so important

Motivation is an external fire or energy given to you which will work only for a few days, and once the energy dries you will be back to square one i.e where you started.

We are demotivated because we have set our goals incorrectly. We have not set our goals on the basis of love and passion for the goals. We have set our goals based on materialistic needs and not clarity.

Call to action

There is this one task for you which you all have to do right now in order to know how to motivate yourself inspire yourself to live the dream life you always wanted to.

Take a piece of paper and write down all the goals you want to achieve in your life.

Trust me, don’t ignore this thing. Do it right now. This task can completely change your life.

I hope you have written down your goals. If not, please do.

Now read out the first goal and ask yourself “Why I want to achieve this goal“,  “Why this thing is important to me

We miss out on achieving things because we are not clear why we need to achieve a particular task.

Now when you answer the question, did your answer seemed satisfactory to you?

Did the answer that you gave to yourself, ignited the emotions and fire in you to achieve the goals with full commitment, no matter what it takes.

If that is so, trust me, nobody can stop you from achieving the goals in your life, nobody can stop you from living the life you always desired.

If you didn’t get a satisfactory answer and a clear reason, trust me, the journey will be very difficult.

2 books for gaining clarity over anything

I would highly recommend you guys to read these 2 books which will give you more clarity towards anything you want to achieve in life.

1. Start with Why -Will make you realize why finding the clear reason behind everything is so very important

2. Eat that Frog – Will give you clarity on how to set your goals and how you can be super productive in achieving that goal.


I hope now you are clear with the reason that you never required motivation, so this question of “how to motivate yourself” is complete bullshit.

The thing you weren’t aware was just how to gain clarity over the goals you set, trust me when you get clarity on whatever you want to achieve, the tasks just seem so easy.

I hope this post has helped you in finding the inspiration and if it added value to your life, let me know the  feedback in the comment section

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