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Does it take you a lot of effort to appreciate someone?

Appreciating someone in a jiff is the core nucleus when it comes to mastering people and making them your fan.

Since you are reading this post, you must be stuck somewhere at the thought of how to appreciate people and that too in a smooth manner that they don’t feel you are flattering them.

Don’t worry you have just landed to the right place where you will get aware of superb techniques on how to appreciate others very easily in just a minute and make them your fan by the words you speak.

Trust me, these techniques will work very well for you.

Just a humble request to read till the end to make sure you understand everything in detail.


Learn how to appreciate others very easily

First of all, why should we appreciate someone?

Appreciation is a thing that everyone seeks but rarely anyone gives.

There is a great saying “Don’t just be a seeker, also be a giver”. Be generous enough to appreciate people, friends and family, no matter how small or big the appreciation is.

Remember these words and keep them always in your mind

People crave acknowledgement, everyone does, it is basic human nature

In today’s era, every human needs importance and attention.

We all believe, the work we are doing is worth acknowledgement and should be appreciated.

Furthermore, everyone feels great and rejuvenated when what we do is being acknowledged and appreciated.

Don’t you feel that way either?

I bet you do if you are a normal human being.

People preach appreciation. Appreciation gives them the motivation to work with energy and enthusiasm.

When you appreciate someone

  • You emotionally connect with the person.
  • The bond between both of you gets stronger.
  • The trust factor between you and the other person gets stronger.
  • The person feels you understand the number of efforts that he/she has put in the work.

Additionally, when people work enthusiastically and energetically within an organization, it is an indicator that people like working in the organization. Thus, improving the overall productivity of the organization.

You will always find great leaders appreciating even the smallest of the efforts of their team members because they know appreciation creates enthusiasm and a positive environment.

Haven’t you come across great people appreciating small efforts of their team members or colleagues?

Well, this is the reason, and trust me there is nothing bad in this thing.

The chances of the organization having such enthusiastic people working have a high probability to achieve great heights as the productivity level rises.

Below is the best quote which tells how when appreciating someone is beneficial to everyone.

Always remember, efforts that are appreciated get’s repeated

 Detailed analysis on appreciating others?

A psychologist did research on the power of appreciation by experimenting with small kids.

He divided the kids into 2 groups in which one group was to be criticized too much and the other group was praised for the smallest of the things.

A few days later an academic class test was conducted.

What happened?

The group which got appreciation performed much better than the group of kids who were criticized.

Why did that happen?

I already mentioned in the earlier part of this article that humans need importance, credit, and appreciation for little things.

When they get appreciated they feel happy and their willingness to work increases, they feel motivated and are energized to work.

This is what helped the students to score well because the appreciation boosted their confidence level and morale.

Today in this era, salesmen and professionals use these tips on the power of appreciation to get the deal done.

Has it happened with you that you never realize, how you subconsciously agreed to that deal just because you were appreciated?

Well, this is what appreciation does. This is the actual power of appreciation.

How to appreciate others at this time?

Mr Dale Carnegie, author of various books has written a beautiful book “How to win friends and Influence People“.

After reading this best-selling book and doing various Dale Carnegie Courses I have now finally realized how appreciation can work wonders and how to appreciate others very easily.

This book has personally helped me a lot in learning great tricks on people skills and how you can converse with the people around you.

First of all, make sure the appreciation is sincere and honest, and not a way of flattering people.

If you don’t appreciate people honestly they will come to know about it anyway and this thing can jeopardize your impression.

Daily appreciations with a smiling face can be worth a magic stick in your normal routine.

Below are some examples of appreciating people in a whim or how to appreciate others for their work

  1. You are doing a great job, keep it up.
  2. Keep up the good work.
  3. Your work has impressed us a lot. I am looking forward to such great work ahead.

Example of how to appreciate people effectively

During my Dale Carnegie Course, my trainer told all the guys present to appreciate people based on their personality and core values.

Appreciating people on their core value is like honouring them with a trophy which makes them feel proud of themselves and also they feel that they are getting importance for things they stand for.

A core value is something people stand for like honesty, punctuality, positivity, resilience etc.

Now suppose for instance you appreciate a punctual person in this manner that I like the way you give importance to other people’s time by being always at the venue on time and not keeping them waiting”.

The individual will remember this sentence for a lifetime because punctuality is his core value and he will feel honoured.

He will feel elated thinking that you have observed and identified his efforts for a long time.

A person’s name to him is the sweetest sound.

When you appreciate someone, try to include the person’s name and use words like “Ramesh, you did a great job there. The amount of effort you put in was commendable just keep going and I am sure you will go very far in life”.

 Here you have used hard work as the personality trait and used his name also which will make him feel honourable.

How does this appreciation thing help?

These type of suggestions makes thing easy for each and everyone as it creates a welcoming and positive environment to work.

Results show that people are highly productive in such an environment where they are appreciated and motivated.

Why do we stay back at appreciating others?

Just recall how did you feel, when last time you appreciated someone honestly? I hope it must have felt good to you as well as to the other person.

Does it feel weird to have a sense of good feeling when we appreciate others, then why do we stay back at appreciating?

Appreciating is all about giving honest feedback and trust me, it makes the other person feel important.

When you try to master people skills by making the other person feel important it is the greatest factor that can make them like you. But these things will not come just by reading, you have to start implementing it.

Make it a habit to appreciate at least 5 people daily and believe me you will see yourself transforming to achieve great success

I can give you examples – Appreciate your mom that she made good food today, start appreciating your home maid for their help by saying that the house looks beautiful today and value your friends by praising them for always being there for you.

Appreciating others is all about adding value to their lives.

I am aware that after reading this article, some people might still be sceptical and tell that this how to appreciate others trick won’t work well for them.

I want to just answer them, that everything is very well related to the kind of attitude you have, if you are very well versed that you can look and perceive good things about this magic trick of how to appreciate others today or tomorrow, it will work for you.

If you don’t have a positive, then no useful guide in this world can help you to excel and make your and other people’s lives better.

Life is all about how much more value you can add to someone’s life and when you start appreciating people, you will have a start to have a sense of gratitude because that’s when you will realize that many people don’t have a roof to sleep under let alone having a good maid, many people don’t have food to eat and almost all people are a survivor of very bad and filthy relationships.

We can always make a difference in someone’s life and there is one thought I would like to share from a great book – The Go-Giver is that your true worth is determined by how much more value you can give than you are paid for.

By appreciating you are giving value and it will start to determine your true worth.

Some examples of How to appreciate others

  1. I like the way, you keep on helping people out of your comfort zone. Rarely I observe people interested to help people beyond limits.
  2. I really appreciate your humbleness and down to earth attitude of how you behave and respect everyone.

Some great books from where I learned the Power of Appreciation is  How to win friends and influence people

Finally, some videos and proof on Power of Appreciation

How to appreciate others FAQ

The first principle in effective people skills is to make the person comfortable and nothing better you can do to them other than appreciating them.
We should appreciate a person based on their personality trait.Like if someone is very punctual and on time every instance, then you can appreciate them by these words"I like the way you value people's time and you are never late. I personally learned this great thing from you"
Yes, definitely. Humans will be humans always. They have emotions and that is what separate them from robots.When you appreciate someone you make your emotional bond with them stronger.Therefore today or 100 years later, this skill will still work


In conclusion, I would request you to start appreciating the people near you.

This thing will create a jolly environment near you and people will start to become your fan

The list is limitless it is up to you on how you make people feel.

I am very much grateful to God and the different books that have helped me learn the power of appreciation and how to appreciate others to make them feel special.

Here is the list of some great books I have read in my life: Top 10 self-help books of all time

Hence, start appreciating others and as a result, you will become more successful and don’t forget the best thing about appreciating others.

To know more about how to improve in other areas aspects of life, do check out: The Private Victory, it is a great website which is on a mission to inspire people to improve themselves.

Always remember, efforts that are appreciated get’s repeated

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