Books can literally transform your life. Don’t agree?

Well then go on reading and find it yourself, read till the end or you won’t understand the impact of what Attitude is Everything book had in my life.

Attitude is Everything is the book which changed my life when nothing was working in my life, well that’s what I used to feel like at that time or considered at that time.

Never ever I knew that one single book can create such an impact in my life, but before I tell you more about this book I want you to know my story so that you can understand and relate to the incidents

Want to know what happened?

I still remember I was in my seventh semester of my bachelor’s.

The excitement to get a good job soon was very thrilling but I didn’t know back then that, I was going to learn a lot of life-changing lessons that semester.

Getting a good job was all I wanted because I wanted to prove my worth to my parents, that I am also capable of making a living for myself.

Majority of the college-going guys think that way, they want to prove it to the world that they are capable of doing something.

Soon after the start of the 7th semester, the 1st company for placement arrives on our college campus.

I cleared the round 1 which was the aptitude round.

I went for the interview round which was the round 2, the interview didn’t go well and while asking for feedback the interviewer told me some areas where I was weak and should focus and improve.

This interview incident kept running in my mind every now and then and with this, the self-doubt in me starts building in, but rather than facing the reality and improving on the areas and topics the interviewer told me to focus and improve on, I started running from it completely neglecting the areas where I lacked.

I still don’t know why I was running from the fears, maybe my maturity level was very low back then.

Few days ahead…

Life gets back to normal and careless me still doesn’t bother about the areas I lacked, that the interviewer pointed out.

The second company arrives on campus for placement and it was a dream company which I was eagerly waiting for getting into.

The second company only had 1 round which was the interview round.

I went in for the interview and screwed up as horribly as you can think or imagine.

After my interview was over, the way I had answered all the questions asked I knew very well that I was not going to be selected and it turned out to be true.

After this thing, my self-doubt was on an extreme level, where I was questioning and doubting my knowledge and capability.

My self-confidence was completely shattered and I started to think very negatively about myself.

It happens to you when things don’t go your way, you start to question your capabilities, skills, knowledge and your confidence in yourself starts dropping.

I hope most of you reading this article can very well relate to this thing.

But as they say it, life teaches you in its own mysterious ways. What you see as setbacks and failures is surely an opportunity in disguise.


Life was in full mood to make me experience a roller coaster ride.

After the interview with the 2nd company, I was very low on confidence and thought nothing good will happen in my life.

2-3 days later while searching for something in my room, I came across a very thin book of my roommate titled “Attitude is Everything…Change your Attitude and change your life”

I liked the catchy title and the tag line of the book and I thought of giving it a try as I was like let’s see how this attitude thing can change my life.

I still remember Steve Jobs quotes

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

I am sure today had I not read Attitude is Everything, I would not have reached in my life where I am today.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way” – Viktor Frankl



My experience of Attitude is Everything

At first, as I started reading the book I came across the below quote

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind

First I was very sceptical, but as I continued reading I started to feel the paradigm shift going on in my mind.

As I dived further into the book I started liking the book because of the simplistic manner in which everything is explained and elaborated.

Attitude is Everything very well explains that your attitude is the mental filter at how you look at the world or experience the world.

Remember the example of a glass half full and half-empty. How you see the glass is what depicts your attitude.

Always understand it is your attitude which turns your I CAN’T  into I CAN

A successful and meaningful life starts with the right attitude.

A person with a positive attitude counts his or her blessings, the person with a negative attitude add up their troubles and limitations.

A person with a positive attitude will always look at the bright side of everything and even in adverse situations will make sure to think with a solution-minded approach.

The book very well explains that always in life you have the choice to decide how you react or respond to a circumstance or situation, and the choices are shaped by how your attitude is.

The book teaches you how your thoughts lead to words, words lead to beliefs, beliefs lead to actions and actions lead to results.


I learned and very well understood that every successful person in his life had faced his/her share of setbacks, failures, difficulties and temporary defeats (whatever you call it).

They became successful because they changed their attitude on how they look at setbacks and turned them into life-changing opportunities.

That is what magic which a positive attitude does: the way you see and perceive situations and circumstances is all that matters.

The book keeps you engaged with so beautiful and inspiring quotes written after every 3-4 pages which will inspire you to take actions out of your comfort zone.

I have felt the transformation in my life after following the teachings of this book. I will let you know the changes below

Before and after impact of Attitude is Everything


  • Full of Self-doubt
  • Full of negativity
  • Blamed the destiny for everything
  • Low on self-confidence
  • Never ready to change
  • Would get angry at small things
  • Lacked clarity in what I wanted in life


  • Full of positivity
  • Full of confidence
  • See setbacks as a way of learning and growing
  • Take full accountability of everything that happens
  • Have developed a positive attitude
  • Got full clarity on my goals
  • Have gained control over my words and emotions

The book is only 144 pages read but trust me, it will teach you some priceless life lessons that can’t be valued. Once you become a fan of this book, I am damn sure you will reread this book.

Attitude is Everything FAQs

Attitude is Everything book is all about how you can transform your life just by changing your attitude. The principles, if followed properly, can literally change your life.
Attitude means the way you look at life. How you deal with the different situations and circumstances in life is all decided by the kind of attitude you have.
The book is very thin and is just 144 pages. It is written very simply and the language is also very easy to understand.
Any person from a college-going guy to an 80-year-old.There is no age limit for reading this book.I would highly suggest this book to people who want to get success in life and are fully committed to their success.

If you wish to buy this beautiful book called “Attitude is Everything


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